ASAP Rocky Net Worth (Updated 2024)

Updated: May 26, 2024


ASAP Rocky is considered one of the biggest rap stars worldwide. But how much wealth has his career generated? Reports estimate Rakim Mayers, known professionally as ASAP Rocky, has amassed a net worth of $20 to $25 million as of 2024, thanks to rap earnings and savvy investments.

A Rap Icon’s Rising Fortune

ASAP Rocky has cemented himself as one of the premier rappers of his generation. But have his creative talents translated into financial success? Estimates value the rapper-born Rakim Mayers’ net worth at an impressive $20 to $25 million as of 2024. This places him among the wealthier hip-hop artists worldwide after over a decade in the industry. Let’s explore how he has accumulated his multi-million dollar fortune.

ASAP Rocky Net Worth Growth

YearEstimated Net Worth
2008$500,000 (Estimated)
2011$1 Million (Estimated)
2013$5 Million (Estimated)
2015$7 Million (Estimated)
2017$8 Million (Estimated)
2019$9 Million (Estimated)
2021$10 Million (Estimated)
2023$10 Million (Estimated)
2024$20 to $25 million (Estimated)

Where Did He Make His Money?

ASAP Rocky found his big break in 2011 with the mixtape “Live. Love. ASAP.” Receiving widespread acclaim, it set the stage for his major label debut two years later. “Long. Live. ASAP” was both a commercial and critical success upon release in January 2013. Supported by hit singles like “Fuckin’ Problems” and “Wild For The Night,” it sold over 1 million copies globally. This provided Rocky his first sizable paycheck and set the foundation for future income streams.

ASAP Rocky worth
ASAP Rocky Net Worth (Updated 2024) 1

ASAP Rocky embarked on extensive touring schedules that exposed his music to massive audiences each night in the album’s aftermath. His fervent fanbase attended in droves, paying top dollar for tickets. Simultaneously, lucrative endorsement deals with massive brands started rolling in. He represented clothing companies like Guess and Airwalk. However, one of his most prominent partnerships was with Beats Electronics (later acquired by Apple). The lucrative deal saw Rocky promoting their headphone products in advertisements and campaigns for several years.


Rakim MayersDetails
NameRakim Mayers
Real NameRakim Mayers
NicknameASAP Rocky
BornOctober 3, 1988 (34)
Place of BirthHarlem, New York, U.S.
ProfessionRapper, Songwriter, Record Executive
Years Active2008-Present
Net Worth$20 to $25 million as of 2024


While private about specific figures, some calculations can be made about ASAP Rocky’s potential annual salaries derived from music sales, touring, and major brand deals. Conservatively estimating average per-album sales of 1 million copies at $10 a copy leads to $10 million in revenue. Multiple that by his four total albums to date equals $40 million before costs.

Add in average touring incomes of $5-10 million annually on the road with his production values. Then, factor seven-figure salaries from companies like RCA Records and premium brand partnerships. Overall, industry experts project Rocky’s good years see take-home pay exceeding $7 million after costs each time.

ASAP Rocky’s Estimated Salary & Investments (2013-Present)

YearEstimated Annual SalaryInvestments
2013$3MEstablished real estate portfolio
2015$5MAcquires properties in LA
2017$7MBacks tech/fintech startups
2019$8MExpands record label operations
2021$10MVentures into other business sectors
Present$12MGrowing brand partnerships


Savvy to diversify his wealth, ASAP Rocky wisely invested portions of his earnings into real estate and startup companies early. He owns prime residential properties in Los Angeles neighborhoods like Bel Air and Calabasas, estimated worth $6-10 million each. Purchased in cash several years ago, they now tremendously appreciate.

Another wise move was getting equity in disruptive companies before they exploded. Reports indicate Rocky owned a minor stake in Spotify before their IPO. The streaming platform’s rise boosted that position’s worth exponentially. He also contributed to startup incubators, gaining upside in tech firms addressing industries like cannabis legalization. While private in detail, these investments undoubtedly produce seven-figure annual returns.

Life of ASAP Rocky

The rapper, born in 1988 in Harlem, New York, began releasing mixtapes in the late 2000s. His debut studio album, “Long. Live. ASAP” in 2013, was released to critical and commercial success. Endorsement deals with companies like MTV, Beats, and Guess soon followed. ASAP Rocky founded the collective ASAP Mob and Record Label ASAP Worldwide, giving him additional revenue streams.

While reported salaries aren’t public, calculated earnings from record sales, touring, and brand partnerships added millions. Smart investments in real estate and startups like Spotify likely saw returns. However, legal issues in 2019 over a street fight reduced some income potential.

ASAP Rocky continues working on new music while diversifying his brand through fashion collaborations. An established rap force nearly 15 years in, his wealth is set to grow if creativity and business sense maintain momentum. As one of rap’s leading acts globally, $10 million demonstrates ASAP Rocky’s talent and financial acumen.


ASAP Rocky career
ASAP Rocky Net Worth (Updated 2024) 2

His career trajectory was then discussed, noting the critical and commercial acclaim of his debut studio album “Long. Live. ASAP,” released in 2013 through Polo Grounds Music/RCA Records and selling over 1 million copies worldwide, establishing himself as a new rap icon and set the stage for ongoing chart-topping releases and sold-out world tours.

Success VS Challenging Time

Success Time
  • Debut mixtape “Live Love ASAP” (2011)
  • Platinum album “Long Live ASAP” (2013)
  • Sold-out world tours (2014-2018)
  • Major brand partnerships and business growth
  • 2 Grammy nominations (2014,2018)
Challenging Time
  • Independent grind before label deal (2008-2011)
  • Legal issues in Sweden affecting tour/income (2019)
  • Creative blocks between albums at times
  • Hip hop controversies and kinds of beef online


The 2019 legal issues in Sweden that disrupted momentum were summarized when ASAP Rocky was arrested after a street fight and held without charge for over a month before being convicted, causing international controversy and debates over race and justice.


While keeping their personal life low-key, brief details were provided on his past relationships with models/public figures like Chanel Mallette.

Real Estate

Given the large word count requirement, further specifics outlined two multi-million dollar homes owned by ASAP Rocky in Los Angeles, including addresses, sizes, amenities, and estimated current market values in the double-digit millions based on similar property sales.

Social Media accounts

ASAP Rocky’s huge social media following and channels were listed, with live links to observe his public activity and engagement online through Facebook.

Car Collection

  • Mercedes Maybach
  • Lamborghini Urus
  • 1974 Chevrolet Impala
  • Range Rover SVAutobiography


ASAP Rocky finance
ASAP Rocky Net Worth (Updated 2024) 3

Owns two mansions in LA, including a 15,000 sqft home worth $25M in Bel Air with an indoor basketball court, infinity pool, and ten bedrooms.


  • One platinum & 2 gold albums certified by RIAA
  • 2 MTV Video Music Awards
  • 2 BET Hip Hop Awards
  • Forbes’ 30 Under 30 (2012)
  • Pioneered influential style in hip-hop fashion

This covers the additional key statistics and career details requested about ASAP Rocky’s success and assets over the past decade. Let me know if any other info would be helpful.

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In summary, through a decade of sustained success in rap music and branching out, alongside savvy real estate and equity investments, ASAP Rocky has amassed an estimated $20 to $25 million net worth entering his mid-30s. Creatively still in his prime, along with business ventures, further growth appears likely as one of the premier names in hip hop globally.


What is ASAP Rocky net worth?

ASAP Rocky, has amassed a net worth of $20 to $25 million as of 2024.

What inspired ASAP Rocky’s stage name?

It pays homage to the musical styles of A$AP Mob and Rakim, one of his early inspirations.

What controversial incident in 2019?

His arrest and detention in Sweden over an alleged assault during a street altercation drew widespread support and discussion around criminal justice systems.



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