Terms and Conditions

Updated: November 10, 2023


Welcome to networthart.com. This page tells you how to use our online and mobile services, website, and software on or with NetWorthArt. If you keep looking around and using this website, you agree to follow the rules and conditions explained here—these rules and our privacy policy control how NetWorthArt relates to you and your use of this website. When you access or use the Service, which means our website and services, you (that means “you” or “your”) show that you’ve read, understood, and agreed to follow the rules and conditions mentioned here (called “Terms”). It also means you’re okay with us collecting, using, and sharing your information, as explained in our Privacy Policy, which can change sometimes and is included in these rules. These rules apply to everyone who uses the Service, including visitors and users (called “Users”).

NetWorthArt, which means ‘us’ or ‘we,’ is the boss of this website. When we say ‘you,’ we mean the person using or looking at our website. Using this website means you agree to follow these rules:

  • The stuff on this website is just for general info and your use. It might change without telling you.
  • We and others don’t promise that the info on this website is always right, on time, or good for anything special. We’re not responsible if there are mistakes, and we can’t be blamed for them as much as the law allows.
  • If you use the info on this website, it’s your risk. We’re not responsible for any problems that might happen. You need to ensure that what you get from this website fits your needs.
  • The things on this website, like the design and pictures, belong to us or others who let us use them. You can only copy or use them if you follow the copyright rules.
  • If trademarks on this website don’t belong to us but to someone else, we say so on the website.
  • If you use this website in a way we didn’t allow, you might have to pay for any problems you cause, or it might be against the law.
  • Sometimes, we put links to other websites on ours. We do it to give you more info, but it doesn’t mean we support those websites. We’re not in charge of what’s on those websites.

Commercial Use

Unless NetWorthArt clearly says it’s okay, or they give you written permission, you promise not to use any part of the Service for business reasons. The Service is for your use, and you can’t use it to make money unless NetWorthArt says it’s okay in writing.

Artificial Intelligence

The owner of this website does not consent to the content on this website being used or downloaded by any third parties to develop, train, or operate artificial intelligence or other machine learning systems (“Artificial Intelligence Purposes”), except as authorized by the owner in writing (including written, electronic communication). Absent such consent, users of this website, including any third parties accessing the website through automated systems, are prohibited from using any of the content on the website for Artificial Intelligence Purposes. Users or automated systems that fail to respect these choices will be considered to have breached these Terms of Service.

Intellectual Property Rights

Unless NetWorthArt says it’s okay in writing, you agree not to change, copy, frame, scrape, rent, lease, loan, sell, share, or make new things based on the Service or NetWorthArt Content. This applies to the whole or part, except for your User Content (as explained above) that you upload legally. When you use the Service, you can’t do data mining, use robots, scrape, or similar ways to gather or take out data. Using the Service or NetWorthArt Content in any way not allowed here is not okay. The technology and software that make the Service work belong toNetWorthArt, our partners, and affiliates (the “Software”). You promise not to copy, change, make something new from, figure out the source code, sell, give away, or transfer any rights in the Software. If it’s not said here, NetWorthArt keeps those rights.


The words “NetWorthArt” and other things like logos, designs, and names on the Service are owned by CelebrityNetWorth in the U.S. and other countries. You can’t use NetWorthArt’s stuff, including trademarks and design, in a way that confuses people or makes them think NetWorthArt likes a product or service. You can’t copy or use NetWorthArt’s trademarks without getting permission in writing first.

Indemnity and Release

You promise to defend and protect NetWorthArt and its friends from any trouble arising because of your use of the Service. This includes claims, damages, losses, costs, and more. You must make things right if you cause problems by breaking these rules or hurting someone else’s rights. This promise also covers claims that your User Content or someone else’s using your account breaks the rules or hurts someone. Your promise to defend and protect includes claims against NetWorthArt, saying your User Content breaks someone else’s rights.

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