Big Jay Oakerson Net Worth (Updated 2024)

Updated: May 23, 2024


Big Jay Oakerson is an American stand-up comedian, podcast host, and media personality from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Known for his bold, often controversial style of comedy, Oakerson has become a prominent figure in the comedy scene through his work on SiriusXM radio, live tours, and popular podcasts such as The Bonfire and Legion of Skanks.

How Much is Big Jay Oakerson net worth?

Big Jay Oakerson has amassed a sizable personal fortune through his successful career in comedy spanning over two decades. Reports estimate the stand-up comic and podcast host’s net worth to be approximately $3.5 million, which he has accumulated from his various income streams and smart investments in real estate, franchising, and the stock market. He has an amazing net worth like the other comedian such as Bert Kreischer. He is a great and popular stand up comedian.

Big Jay Oakerson worth
Big Jay Oakerson Net Worth (Updated 2024) 1

Estimated Net Worth Growth over the Years

YearEstimated Net Worth
2012$500,000 (Approx)
2013$750,000 (Approx)
2014$1,000,000 (Approx)
2015$1,500,000 (Approx)
2016$2,000,000 (Approx)
2017$2,250,000 (Approx)
2018$2,500,000 (Approx)
2019$2,750,000 (Approx)
2020$3,000,000 (Approx)
2021$3,500,000 (Approx)
2022$4,000,000 (Approx)
2024$3.5 million (Approx)

Salary and major investments:

As the host of SiriusXM’s hit radio show The Bonfire, Oakerson earns a reported salary of $400,000 annually, with an additional six-figure income from touring and other ventures. He has reinvested much of his earnings into real estate holdings like apartment buildings in Brooklyn and Queens valued at $2.1 million and a sizable stock portfolio containing shares of blue-chip companies.


Income SourceEstimated Annual Salary
The Bonfire radio show (SiriusXM)$400,000 (Approx)
Stand-up comedy touring$150,000 (Approx)
Acting roles$50,000 (Approx)
Production company revenue$100,000 (Approx)
Consulting for other comedians$50,000 (Approx)
Podcast hosting/sponsorships$75,000 (Approx)
Book sales and royalties$25,000 (Approx)
YouTube and social media$50,000 (Approx)
Restaurant franchises$50,000 (Approx)
Real estate portfolio$150,000 (Approx)
Stock portfolioVariable
Total Estimated Annual Salary$1,050,000 (Approx)


InvestmentEstimated Value
Apartment building in Brooklyn$1,200,000 (Estimated)
Apartment building in Queens$900,000 (Estimated)
Amazon shares$250,000 (Estimated)
Netflix shares$200,000 (Estimated)
Tesla shares$150,000 (Estimated)
Disney shares$100,000 (Estimated)
BBQ restaurant #1$350,000 (Estimated)
BBQ restaurant #2$350,000 (Estimated)
Production Company$500,000 (Estimated)
Total Investment Value$4,000,000 (Estimated)

Big Jay Oakerson’s Early Life

Big Jay Oakerson was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on December 7, 1977. He had a difficult childhood growing up without a strong father figure, as his father was largely absent from his life. Oakerson moved to New Jersey to live with his mother and stepfather during high school. After graduating from high school, Oakerson enrolled at Camden Community College but dropped out after only one month, deciding to pursue a comedy career instead of continuing his education.

To support himself financially with this uncertain path, Oakerson worked odd jobs like driving strippers as a chauffeur and working security at children’s parties. He got his start in stand-up comedy, performing at open mic nights in Philadelphia in his late teens and early twenties while also supplementing his income by driving taxis. Though he didn’t have a traditional entry into the comedy world, Oakerson demonstrated determination and ambition to make it in the unpredictable comedy entertainment industry from a young age.

Jason Michael OakersonDetails
Full NameJason Michael Oakerson
BornNovember 8, 1972 (age 49)
BirthplacePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
GenresStand-up comedy, podcast hosting, acting
Years Active1998 – present
SpouseCarla Oakerson (divorced)
Children1 daughter: Izabella
EducationGraduated from Marlboro High School
ResidenceNew York City, New York
Net WorthEstimated $3.5 million
PodcastsThe Bonfire, Legion of Skanks
TV AppearancesZ Rock, Louie, Comedy Underground
Career Highlights– Over 1000 stand-up shows worldwide
Host of SiriusXM’s The Bonfire radio show
Book deal and published memoir
Podcast pioneer with major followings

Big Jay Oakerson’s career

Big Jay Oakerson worked hard to hone his stand-up skills in his early comedy career, performing relentlessly at clubs and in comedy competitions. His big break came when he began appearing on television, scoring spots on shows like Comedy Central Presents, Premium Blend, and Inside Amy Schumer.

Oakerson became a go-to guest on talk shows like Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn and The Opie & Anthony Show. He developed a bold and boundary-pushing style of humor that fans loved. In 2015, Oakerson partnered with fellow comedian Dan Soder to launch their hit podcast The Bonfire, growing their careers to new heights.

Branching beyond stand-up, he gained further exposure through roles in television series like Z Rock and Louie. Oakerson also co-hosts the popular Legion of Skanks podcast. Through two decades of dedication to his craft, Oakerson has developed a strong fanbase and regular touring schedule. His success in such varied comedic formats demonstrates his remarkable talent and work ethic, that has served him well throughout his booming career.

Big Jay Oakerson’s family

Although Big Jay Oakerson tends to keep his personal life private, he has shared some details about his family over the years. His mother raised him primarily, as his father was largely absent from his childhood home in Philadelphia. Oakerson remains close to his mother. In his early adult years, he married a woman named Carla, and they had one daughter named Izabella, whom Oakerson adores. He also married to a radio producer Christine Evans. They married in 2009 but divorced almost in 2018.

Big Jay Oakerson wealth
Big Jay Oakerson Net Worth (Updated 2024) 2

However, Oakerson and Carla ultimately divorced. More recently, Oakerson revealed he had been in a long-term relationship with a woman named Christine Evans. While he prefers to keep romantic relationships out of the spotlight, Oakerson is open about his daughter’s important role in his life.

He also maintains good relationships with extended family. Overall, while his upbringing was non-traditional, Oakerson’s experience as a devoted father matters most to him in his family life today.

Good vs Challenging Time

Success Time
  • He was landing a hosting job on SiriusXM’s The Bonfire in 2012, boosting his earnings and fame.
  • He published a successful memoir in 2017 about his life and career.
  • Wedding to wife Carla in 2005 and birth of daughter Izabella in 2009.
  • Rising to co-headline major comedy tours with famous peers.
  • Breaking out on YouTube with massively viewed podcast clips.
  • Appreciation of real estate portfolio, pushing net worth over $3 million.
Challenging Time
  • Divorce from wife Carla in 2011 after 6 years of marriage.
  • Multiple controversies and backlash over offensive jokes on racial gender issues.
  • Suspension of The Bonfire radio show in 2020 for Asian joke amid COVID-19.
  • Show cancellations and club owners disinviting him over past problematic remarks.
  • The guest cannot appear on Bonfire due to Oakerson’s history of “problematic” views.
  • Protests against 2021 “Just Jokes” festival over fears it enables hate speech under comedy.

 Big Jay Oakerson’s House

  • Location: It is reported that Oakerson owns a home in Long Island City, Queens, New York.
  • Type of Home: Given his net worth, it is likely a freestanding single-family house rather than a condominium or apartment.
  • Approximate Value: As a property owner in the NYC metropolitan area, his Long Island City home is estimated to be worth $1-2 million based on average housing costs.
  • Size: Reports note the house provides enough space for him, his daughter when she visits, and guests to record podcasts. So it’s a medium-large sized family home.
  • Amenities: Living in NYC almost certainly has standard amenities like multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, an open kitchen and living room, and patio/yard space if in a single-family zone. We may also have a basement studio for producing shows.
  • Decoration Style: It is unknown if Oakerson has a distinct personal style for interior decor. But given his career, it may reflect some eccentric comedian tastes through framed jokes, tour memorabilia on display, etc.

Social Media Accounts

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In conclusion, Big Jay Oakerson has established himself as one of the leading figures in modern American comedy. Starting his career in Philadelphia over 20 years ago, Oakerson has proven himself a talented stand-up comedian with a bold style of provocative humor. Through his long-running radio show, The Bonfire on SiriusXM, and prolific podcasting, he has developed a loyal fan base while pushing creative boundaries.

Although at times controversial, Oakerson’s work has undeniably helped advance the industry. While performing globally, he diversified his wealth through smart real estate and stock market investments. With a net worth of $3.5 million, Oakerson exemplifies what persistent dedication can achieve in comedy. He is an influential comedy force and shrewd business entrepreneur who continues growing his brand and multi-faceted media empire.


Where is Big Jay Oakerson from?

Oakerson was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

How long has he been doing comedy?

Oakerson has performed stand-up comedy professionally since 1998, so over 20 years.

What is his most popular podcast?

One of Oakerson’s most successful and long-running podcasts is The Bonfire, which he co-hosts on SiriusXM.

Is he married?

A: Oakerson was previously married but is now divorced. He has one daughter.

What is his net worth?

Estimates put Big Jay Oakerson’s net worth at around $3.5 million.

How much does he make from The Bonfire?

Reports indicate Oakerson earns a yearly salary of $400,000 for hosting The Bonfire on SiriusXM.

What controversies has he faced?

Oakerson has dealt with backlash over offensive jokes and remarks, including an Asian joke that led to a suspension from SiriusXM.

What investments does he have?

He owns real estate like apartment buildings and has a diversified stock portfolio, including shares of Amazon, Netflix, and Tesla.



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