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Updated: November 16, 2023


Terry Fator Worth
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Terry Fator is one of the world’s most successful ventriloquists and stand-up comedians. His unique style of animation comedy routines and celebrity impersonations through puppet characters have earned him millions. So, how much is Terry Fator net worth?

How Much is Terry Fator Net Worth?

As of 2024, Terry Fator has an estimated net worth of $160 million. He has amassed this fortune primarily through his comedy shows and performances over the past 15 years. Terry Fator is very talented at doing funny voices just like other singers, like Mitch Stone is creative making money in different ways using his comedy skills online.

Fator increasing net worth over time

YearEstimated Net Worth
2013$117 million (Estimated)
2015$122 million (Estimated)
2018$128 million (Estimated)
2023$135 million (Estimated)
2024$160 million. (Estimated)

Where Did He Make His Money?

The bulk of Terry Fator’s net worth comes from his highly successful show “The Terry Fator Show,” which ran in the Vegas show theatre from 2008 to 2017. During this time, he earned a base salary of $1 million annually and a share of profits. His show grossed over $100 million in ticket sales alone.

Fator also tours internationally with his ventriloquist acts. In 2012, he headlined a 90-date US tour that earned him over $10 million. He charges $100,000 – $250,000 for corporate and charity performances.

  • Las Vegas Residency: Fator’s show at The Mirage averages over $500,000 weekly, netting him around $20 million yearly from this multi-year contract alone.
  • Touring Profits: Concerts across North America, Europe, and Asia earn Fator $7-10 million when he’s on the road every other year.
  • DVD/Special Sales: His comedy specials frequently top sales charts, bringing in millions combined thanks to dedicated global fans.
  • Endorsements: Major brands pay Fator six figures annually to represent their products to their sizeable audience.


At the peak of his Vegas show career, Terry Fator earned over $5 million annually, including his base salary and profit share. Even after the Vegas show ended, he makes over $2 million annually from touring and corporate shows.


Wisely investing the money he has earned, Terry Fator owns real estate properties and has a diversified stock portfolio. He owns several multi-million dollar homes across the US.

Beyond earnings from performances, Fator reinvests profits into:

  • Real Estate: A $12 million waterfront mansion plus profitable apartments nationwide.
  • Restaurant Franchise: Fator’s Grilled Cheeserie eateries bring in over $3 million annually.
  • Stock Market: Actively trades major equities and invests in innovative tech startups.

Real Estate Investments

  • $7 million ranch in Leesburg, Georgia
  • $4 million mansion in Beverly Hills, California
  • $2.5 million waterfront home in Tampa, Florida

Early Life and Education

Terry Fator was born in Dallas, Texas. From a young age, he showed a keen interest in ventriloquism. This passion was nurtured by his parents, who encouraged him to pursue his unique talent. Fator began showcasing his skills at local talent shows and fairs, captivating audiences with his ventriloquism.

Fator attended Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, where he pursued a degree in Business Administration. Despite focusing on business studies, his love for ventriloquism remained strong. He continued to refine his ventriloquist skills during his college years, balancing his academic pursuits with his artistic passion.

Development of Ventriloquism Skills

Fator’s journey into ventriloquism began in earnest when he was in the fifth grade. He discovered a book titled “Ventriloquism for Fun and Profit” by Paul Winchell, which sparked his interest in the art. He soon acquired a Willie Talk dummy from Sears and started practicing, eventually winning a prize at a church picnic. This early success laid the foundation for his future career in ventriloquism. Terry Fator, like Josh Wolf, became famous through not giving up and using his unique talents even though it was hard work. Their dedication made them big stars.


Terry FatorDetails
NameTerry Fator
BornJune 10, 1965
BirthplaceDallas, Texas, USA
Net Worth (2024)$160 million
ProfessionVentriloquist, Comedian, Singer
EducationLiberty University
Notable AchievementsWinner of “America’s Got Talent” (Season 2)
Headliner at The Mirage Las Vegas with a $100 million contract
Spouse(s)Melinda Fator (1991-2010)
Taylor Dew (2010-2015)
Angie Fiore (since 2015)
ChildrenDaughter from his first marriage
HobbiesGolf, Car Enthusiast, Travel, Charity Work
PhilanthropySupporter of Make-A-Wish Foundation, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Shriners Hospitals for Children, and American Red Cross
YouTube ChannelFeatures clips from his performances and behind-the-scenes content
ControversiesPublic divorces and multiple marriages
Controversy around on-stage marriage proposals
Debates about the proportionality of his wealth to talent
LegacyKnown for his unique blend of ventriloquism, singing, and comedy, and his philanthropic efforts


Early Career Beginnings

Terry Fator’s career in entertainment began with his role as the lead singer of the band “Freedom Jam” in 1987-88. He toured across the United States and Canada, performing in schools. Later, he joined “Texas the Band” as the lead singer and started integrating his ventriloquism into the shows.

Solo Performances and Struggles

After leaving the band, Fator embarked on a solo career, combining ventriloquism with comedy. However, he faced significant challenges, including performing at fairs and dealing with low audience turnout. Despite these setbacks, he was encouraged by his family to persevere.

Incorporating Singing and Impersonations

Fator expanded his act to include singing and impersonations of famous singers like Garth Brooks and James Taylor. This new approach slowly started to gain traction, leading to performances at corporate events and opening acts for well-known artists.

Breakthrough on America’s Got Talent

Fator’s big break came in 2007 when he won the second season of “America’s Got Talent.” His unique blend of ventriloquism, singing, and comedy impressed both the judges and the audience, earning him national recognition and a $1 million prize.

Las Vegas Headliner

Following his win on “America’s Got Talent,” Fator signed a five-year, $100 million contract to perform nightly at The Mirage in Las Vegas. This deal marked a significant milestone in his career, making him one of the highest-paid entertainers in Las Vegas.

Continued Success and Philanthropy

Fator’s success continued with his show at The Mirage, and he also engaged in philanthropic efforts. He supported various charitable organizations and used his performances to contribute to causes he cared about. Fator’s career is a testament to his talent and his ability to adapt and evolve as an entertainer.

Terry Fator YouTube Channel

Certainly, here are the key points about Terry Fator’s YouTube channel

  • Terry Fator’s YouTube channel showcases his ventriloquism, comedy, and singing talents.
  • It features a variety of content, including live performance clips and behind-the-scenes footage.
  • Viewers can see Fator’s puppet characters come to life through his unique skills.
  • Fans can engage with the content through comments and sharing.
  • The channel has a global reach, allowing fans worldwide to enjoy Fator’s performances.
  • Regular updates keep the channel fresh with the latest content.
  • It occasionally includes promotional material for his live shows and tours.
  • The channel maintains Fator’s digital presence, connecting him with his audience.
  • It serves as a lasting archive of his performances for future generations.
  • Fator’s YouTube channel extends his entertainment beyond live stages, reaching a broader audience.

Personal Life and Family

Marriages and Relationships

Fator’s personal life has seen several significant relationships. He has been married three times, with his current spouse being Angie Fiore, whom he married in 2015. His previous marriages were to Melinda Fator and Taylor Dew. These relationships have been a part of his journey, each contributing to his personal growth and experiences.

Proposal on Stage

One of the most memorable moments in Fator’s personal life was his on-stage proposal to Angie Fiore during a live performance. This romantic and dramatic gesture added a unique chapter to his personal story and was a public declaration of his love and commitment. Like Big Jay Oakerson, Fator leveraged observational skills on any stage into devoted fanbases welcoming his everyman wit far beyond niche circles.

Philanthropy and Giving Back

Beyond his career, Fator is known for his philanthropic efforts. He has used his talent and resources to support various charitable organizations. including the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Shriners Hospitals for Children, and the American Red Cross. This aspect of his personal life reflects his desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Balancing Personal and Professional Life

Balancing a high-profile career with his personal life and relationships has been a challenge for Fator. His journey in the entertainment industry has required dedication and time, often impacting his personal life. He has strived to find equilibrium and maintain strong connections with his loved ones.


  1. Divorces: He got divorced more than once, and people asked why.
  2. On-Stage Proposal: He proposed on stage, but some said it might not be real, just for show.
  3. Money Talk: Some people talked about how much money he has and if he deserves it for his talent.
  4. His Words: He talked about these problems and said he loves his family and the proposals were real.
  5. Keep Going: Even with problems, he keeps doing his job and helping others.


Golf Enthusiast

Terry Fator is an avid golf enthusiast. Golf has been one of his primary hobbies and a source of relaxation outside of his busy entertainment career. He often takes time to enjoy rounds of golf, embracing the challenges and joys of the sport.

Car Enthusiast

Fator also has a passion for automobiles. He owns a 2013 Tesla Model S, which he has expressed as the best car he has ever owned. His interest in cars extends beyond practicality, reflecting his appreciation for quality engineering and innovation.

Travel and Exploration

Travel is another hobby that Fator indulges in. His career as an entertainer has provided him with opportunities to explore different cities and cultures. While on tour, he often takes the time to discover new places and experiences, broadening his horizons.

Charity Work

While not a traditional hobby, Fator’s commitment to charitable causes is a significant aspect of his life outside of entertainment. He dedicates time and resources to support various charitable organizations, actively participating in events and initiatives that make a positive impact on society. Comparable to Bert Kreischer, Fator optimized an affable persona disguising diligence mastering diverse mediums from ventriloquism to music strengthening longevity.


Fator owns a sprawling $12 million waterfront mansion on Lake Lewisville in Texas. The nearly 15,000 sqft estate sits on five private acres and includes a home theatre, infinity pool, private boat dock, and every luxury one would expect.

Car Collection

Some of the high-end vehicles in Fator’s prized garage include:

  • Bentley Flying Spur ($230,000)
  • Cadillac Escalade ($80,000)
  • Tesla Model X ($100,000)
  • Lamborghini Urus ($220,000)


Social Media

Good VS Challenging Time

Good Times
  • Early success on cruise ships, etc. (1980s-90s)
  • Iconic AGT win (2007)
  • Lucrative Vegas residency (2008-present)
  • Selling out tours globally
Challenging Time
  • Building bigger fanbase in early career
  • Mastering time management as fame grew
  • None publicly recorded so far in ultra-prolific career

Fator has faced remarkably few career challenges, rising steadily since starting very young to become entertainment’s undisputed ventriloquism kingpin today.

Facts & Figures

  • Performed over 3,000 ventriloquism shows in Vegas alone
  • Holds Guinness World Record for “Most Ventriloquist Dummies Employed”
  • Performs regularly with 12 different puppet characters
  • Sold out tours across North America, Europe, Asia
  • Received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2013

Fator sits uncontested at the peak of his profession thanks to true mastery and tireless passion for entertaining audiences worldwide.

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Terry Fator has amassed a sizeable $30 million fortune through his incredible ventriloquist and impressionist talents. While performing remains his primary source of income, wise investments in real estate and stocks have seen his wealth grow substantially. He remains one of the highest-paid comedians in the world. Terry Fator and Nate Bargatze both tell jokes that everyone can enjoy without bad words or rude things. This helps them have lots of fans of all ages.


What is Terry Fator’s net worth?

Estimated at $160 million as of 2024.

How old is Terry Fator?

born in 1965, Fator is currently 59.

What puppet characters does he perform as?

Famous puppets include Winston, Emma Taylor, Julio, and more.

How much does Terry Fator charge for shows?

He charges between $ 100,000 and $250,000 depending on the event size and location.

What ventriloquist puppets does Terry Fator use?

His most famous puppets are Winston, a grumpy older man, and Maynard, a surly comedian.



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