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From humble beginnings in Mississippi’s hunting fields to a celebrated career in the outdoor industry, Brad Farris has turned his passion for hunting into a lucrative profession. But just how much has this journey enriched him financially? Dive into the world of Brad Farris and discover the net worth of a man who lives and breathes the hunter’s dream.”

How Much is Brad Farris Net Worth?

Brad Farris is a Growth Advisor and VP of Duchossois Industries, a company where he is also the General Manager. His net worth is estimated to be around $6 million. His main role is to help the company grow and expand. He has been working with the company for more than 10 years and has played a key role in its success. Such as Robert Greene, Brad Farris is known for his ability to drive growth and success in the organizations he is involved with.

Early Life and Education

Brad Farris’ early life was rooted in Raymond, Mississippi, where his journey began. From a young age, he was immersed in hunting, developing a passion that would shape his future. His education started at home, where he learned about the outdoors and the skills needed for hunting.

He attended elementary school in his hometown, laying the foundation for his basic education. After completing elementary school, Brad moved on to high school, where he continued his academic journey. His high school years were not just about textbooks but also about honing his outdoor skills.

Post-high school, Brad pursued higher education. He went to college, where he expanded his knowledge and skills. College was not just an academic endeavor for Brad; it was a period of growth and learning about life.

Brad balanced his passion for the outdoors with his academic responsibilities throughout his educational journey. He gained valuable knowledge and experiences that would contribute significantly to his hunting and outdoor television career.

Brad’s early life and education blended traditional learning and practical outdoor experiences. This unique combination laid the groundwork for his successful career in the hunting industry.

Brad Farris Worth
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Brad FarrisDetails
NameBrad Farris
ProfessionHunting and Outdoor Television Personality, Real Estate Agent specializing in hunting land
Known ForAppearances on “PRIMOS TRUTH ABOUT HUNTING,” Primos Hunting videos, “Brad Farris’ Game Plan.”
Early Lifegrew up in Raymond, Mississippi, developed an early interest in hunting
EducationBasic education in Mississippi; specific details about higher education are not publicly known
Career StartWorked in an archery pro shop and as a bowhunting guide
Major RolesJoined the Primos team, appeared on hunting shows, produced own TV series
Real EstateLand Specialist at Whitetail Properties, dealing with hunting properties
Personal LifePassionate about hunting and outdoor activities; details about family life are private


Brad Farris’ career is a testament to his passion for hunting and the outdoors. It began in an archery pro shop, where he first immersed himself professionally in hunting. Here, Brad gained valuable experience in archery’s retail and technical aspects.

His career then turned towards guiding, as he became a bowhunting guide. This role allowed him to share his expertise and passion for hunting with others, further honing his skills in the field.

A significant milestone in Brad’s career was joining the Primos team. This move marked his entry into the hunting entertainment industry. With Primos, he appeared on the Outdoor Channel’s “PRIMOS TRUTH ABOUT HUNTING” and featured in numerous Primos Hunting videos, gaining national recognition.

Brad’s career also includes a venture into television production. He hosted and produced his “Brad Farris’ Game Plan” series, which aired on The Sportsman Channel. This endeavor showcased his skills both in front of and behind the camera.

In addition to his television work, Brad expanded his career into real estate, specializing in land for hunting. He works with Whitetail Properties, helping clients buy and sell hunting land, blending his love for hunting with real estate expertise.

Brad also serves as a Bushnell Ambassador, endorsing hunting products and sharing his knowledge with a wider audience. Such as Levi Morgan, Brad Farris is a highly skilled professional in his field, known for his expertise and accomplishments.

Throughout his career, Brad has remained dedicated to his passion for hunting, successfully translating it into various professional avenues. His journey is marked by a blend of hands-on field experience, media presence, and business acumen, making him a respected figure in the hunting community.

YouTube Channel

Brad Farris’ “channel” primarily refers to his presence and activities in hunting and outdoor television. Here are key points detailing this aspect:

  • Outdoor Channel Presence:
    • Brad Farris is featured on the Outdoor Channel.
    • Appears in the show “PRIMOS TRUTH ABOUT HUNTING.”
    • The channel showcases his hunting expeditions and expertise.
  • Primos Hunting Videos:
    • Farris has been a prominent figure in Primos’s hunting videos.
    • These videos cover various hunting adventures and techniques.
    • They are popular among hunting enthusiasts.
  • Own TV Series:
    • Hosted “Brad Farris’ Game Plan” on The Sportsman Channel.
    • The series focuses on hunting strategies and experiences.
    • It highlights his insights and hunting skills.
  • Educational Content:
    • His appearances often include educational aspects about hunting.
    • Viewers learn about hunting tactics, wildlife behavior, and conservation.
  • Social Media and Online Platforms:
    • Brad Farris may also have a presence on social media channels.
    • These platforms provide updates, tips, and personal interactions with fans.
    • They extend his reach beyond traditional TV audiences.
  • Collaborations and Endorsements:
    • Collaborates with hunting gear companies for product endorsements.
    • These collaborations are often featured on his shows and social media.
  • Real Estate Ventures:
    • His channel extends to real estate, focusing on hunting properties.
    • This includes showcasing land ideal for hunting and outdoor activities.

Brad Farris’ “channel” is a blend of television shows, online content, and personal brand, all centered around his passion and expertise in hunting and outdoor activities. Like Bill Winke, Brad Farris is a successful and respected figure in his industry, bringing valuable insights and experience to his work.

Brad Farris career
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Here are some potential investment areas for someone with Brad Farris’ profile:

  • Hunting and Outdoor Equipment:
    • Investment in hunting gear and outdoor equipment companies.
    • Possible stakes in startups or established brands in this sector.
  • Real Estate:
    • Investment in hunting land and rural properties.
    • Development of land for hunting and recreational purposes.
  • Media and Production:
    • Financial involvement in outdoor and hunting-related media production.
    • Investments in television shows or digital media platforms.
  • Hunting Guides and Outfitters:
    • Potential investments in hunting guide services or outfitter businesses.
    • Supporting or partnering with businesses that organize hunting trips.
  • Conservation and Wildlife Management:
    • Investments in conservation projects or wildlife management initiatives.
    • Supporting sustainable hunting and habitat preservation efforts.
  • Retail and E-commerce:
    • Possible investments in retail outlets or online stores selling hunting gear.
    • Involvement in businesses that cater to the hunting and outdoor community.
  • Technology for Hunting:
    • Investment in technological advancements related to hunting, like GPS devices, hunting apps, or advanced gear.
  • Brand Endorsements and Collaborations:
    • Financial gains from brand endorsements and collaborations.
    • Partnerships with hunting and outdoor brands.
  • Personal Brand Development:
    • Investment in building his brand, including marketing and public relations efforts.
  • Diversified Portfolio:
    • Potential investments in a diversified portfolio, including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds unrelated to hunting.

Real Estate

Brad Farris’ involvement in real estate, particularly in the hunting property niche, is a significant aspect of his professional portfolio. His real estate career primarily focuses on land that caters to outdoor and hunting enthusiasts. As a Land Specialist with Whitetail Properties, a real estate firm specializing in hunting land, Farris brings his extensive hunting and land management knowledge to the real estate market. This role involves assisting clients in buying and selling properties ideal for hunting and recreational activities.

His expertise in identifying and evaluating land that offers the best hunting opportunities is a key service he provides. Farris’ understanding of wildlife habitat, land conservation, and property development for hunting makes him a valuable asset to those looking to invest in rural properties. He combines his passion for the outdoors with his real estate insight to help clients find properties that meet their hunting needs and serve as sound investments.

Brad Farris wealth
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In this capacity, Brad Farris likely deals with a range of properties, from small tracts suitable for weekend hunting trips to large expanses of land capable of supporting extensive wildlife management and conservation efforts. His role may also involve consulting on land development and helping landowners optimize their properties for wildlife and hunting purposes. This could include advising on habitat improvement, food plots, and sustainable hunting practices.

Overall, Brad Farris’ real estate career is an extension of his life’s work and passion. It allows him to connect people with the outdoors through property ownership, blending his love for hunting with his real estate and land management skills.

Social Media Accounts

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Brad Farris net worth is estimated to be $6 million. His involvement in various aspects of the hunting industry, including television shows, video productions, and real estate, suggests diverse income streams. Additionally, his expertise and reputation in the field likely command a premium, contributing positively to his financial status. Like Jake Jabs, Brad Farris has made significant contributions to the companies he has worked for, playing a crucial role in their achievements and development.


Who is Brad Farris?

Brad Farris is known for his work in the hunting and outdoor television industry, particularly his appearances on “PRIMOS TRUTH ABOUT HUNTING” and Primos’s hunting videos.

What is Brad Farris known for?

He is known for his hunting expertise, appearances on hunting television shows, and work in real estate, focusing on hunting properties.

Does Brad Farris work in real estate?

Yes, he works as a Land Specialist with Whitetail Properties, specializing in hunting land.

What is Brad Farris’ educational background?

Specific details about his educational background are not publicly disclosed.

Does Brad Farris have any social media presence?

He likely has a presence on social media platforms, where he might share insights into hunting, outdoor activities, and real estate.



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