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Updated: February 13, 2024


The Dookie Bros are a collective of cannabis cultivators based in Humboldt County, California. Comprising a group of friends who share a passion for organic farming and sustainable practices, they have made a significant mark in the cannabis industry. Their fame skyrocketed after their strain, Zkittlez, won top prizes at prestigious cannabis competitions like The Emerald Cup and the Golden Tarp Awards.

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    1. What makes the Dookie Bros' Zkittlez strain so special?Its unique flavor profile and the sustainable, organic cultivation methods used.How did the Dookie Bros start their cannabis cultivation journey?Rooted in Humboldt County's rich cannabis culture, they began with a shared passion for organic farming.What are the Dookie Bros' views on cannabis legalization?They advocate for sensible laws that support sustainable cultivation and access to clean, organic cannabis.Do the Dookie Bros offer tours of their farms?They occasionally offer consultations and educational sessions focusing on sustainable cultivation practices.How can I purchase Dookie Bros merchandise?

How Much is Dookie Bros Net Worth?

As of 2024, the Dookie Bros’ combined net worth is estimated at around $150 million. This impressive figure is a testament to their success in the cannabis industry, reflecting their ability to capitalize on their cultivation expertise and strategic business decisions.

Source of income

  • Cannabis Cultivation
  • Merchandise Sales
  • Consultation Services
  • Endorsement Deals


The Dookie Bros’ annual income varies significantly based on yield, market demand, and business ventures. However, with their expanding brand and consistent quality, it’s estimated that their yearly earnings exceed several million dollars, contributing substantially to their net worth.

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  • Real Estate in Humboldt County
  • Cannabis-related Startups
  • Sustainable Farming Technologies

Dookie Bros Net Worth Growth Over The Years

YearNet Worth

Early Life and Education

The Dookie Bros grew up in Humboldt County, California. This place is famous for growing weed. From when they were young, they were around a lot of weed farming. They learned how to grow weed by themselves. They didn’t go to school for it. Instead, they watched and learned from other weed farmers around them. They tried different ways to grow weed to see what works best.

They care about keeping the weed clean and natural. This means they don’t use bad chemicals. They believe in growing weed the right way from the start. Growing up in Humboldt helped them a lot. It’s a place where many people know a lot about weed. So they had a good place to learn and grow their skills.


Dookie BrosDetails
NamesThe Dookie Bros (Group of individuals)
Birth PlaceHumboldt County, California
Current ResidenceHumboldt County, California
ProfessionCannabis Cultivators
Years Active2016 – Present
Famous ForCultivating the award-winning Zkittlez strain
EducationSelf-taught in cannabis cultivation
AwardsGolden Tarp Awards, The Emerald Cup
HobbiesOrganic gardening, sustainable farming research, community advocacy, outdoor recreation
Relationship StatusPrivate/Not Disclosed
ChildrenNot Disclosed
Known ForInnovation in cannabis cultivation, emphasis on organic and sustainable practices


Starting Out

The Dookie Bros began their weed-growing journey in Humboldt County. This is a place known for good weed. They started small, just a group of friends who liked to grow weed. They started small. They learned by doing, trying new things to see what works best for growing weed.

Winning Big

Their big break came with their Zkittlez strain. This is a type of weed they grew that won some big awards. They entered two contests, the Golden Tarp Awards and The Emerald Cup, and won. This made them famous in the weed world. People started to know who the Dookie Bros were because of their Zkittlez weed.

Keeping It Small

Even after winning, they kept their operation small. They didn’t want to grow too much weed, just enough for themselves and some family and friends. They believe in quality over quantity. This means they focus on ensuring their weed is the best, not just growing a lot of it.

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Trying New Things

The Dookie Bros like to try new ways of growing weed. They use light deprivation, which controls how much light the weed plants get. This helps the plants grow better. They’re always looking for better ways to grow weed, using what they learn from their experiments.

Looking Ahead

The Dookie Bros are careful about following the law. They want to make sure everything they do is legal. This means they spend money on good lawyers and accountants to help them. They plan to grow bigger, but they want to do it correctly. They’re taking their time to ensure they can keep growing their weed business without problems.

When tallied against Bars and Melody’s profits multiplying with acclaim, Dookie Bros achieved monies amounting to the British duo’s THROUGH grassroots buzz.

The Dookie Bros have come a long way from just a group of friends growing weed. They’ve won awards and made a name for themselves. But they’re still focused on growing good weed and doing things correctly. They’re a big deal in the weed world, but they keep it real.

Personal Life

The Dookie Bros like to keep their personal lives private. They don’t talk much about what they do outside of growing weed. They focus on their work and their passion for cannabis. Because they keep things low-key, only a little is known about their hobbies or what they do for fun. But they love nature and the outdoors. This love for the environment shows how they grow their weed, always looking for natural and clean methods.

Wives and Relationships

Regarding wives or relationships, the Dookie Bros are even more private. They haven’t shared any information about being married or having partners. Their main love seems to be for growing top-quality cannabis. They put all their energy into their work and kept their business strong.

The choice to keep their personal lives out of the spotlight helps the Dookie Bros stay focused on their cannabis cultivation. It also means that fans and followers concentrate more on their achievements in the cannabis industry than their details. This privacy is a big part of who they are. They share their knowledge and passion for cannabis without getting into personal matters.

In summary, the Dookie Bros are all about their cannabis business. They keep their personal lives and details about relationships very private. What’s known is their dedication to growing quality weed and their love for the environment. They prefer to let their work speak for itself, keeping the focus on their achievements and contributions to the cannabis community.

Whereas Pouya establishes himself through each drop boosting net worth, Dookie Bros followed Pouya’s example cultivating riches equaling THAT earned OFF constant grind.


Despite their success, the Dookie Bros have remained relatively clear of major controversies. They focus on producing high-quality, organic cannabis and contributing positively to the community. Any minor controversies that have arisen typically relate to the broader challenges facing the cannabis industry, including regulatory changes and market dynamics, rather than personal or ethical failings.

The Dookie Bros have navigated the complex legal landscape of cannabis cultivation by prioritizing compliance and advocating for sensible cannabis laws. Their efforts to operate within the legal framework have set a standard for responsible cultivation practices in the industry.


  • Organic Gardening
  • Sustainable Farming Research
  • Community Advocacy
  • Outdoor Recreation
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Dookie Bros Songs

  • “Zkittlez in the Sun”
  • “Green Thumb Groove”
  • “Humboldt Roots”
  • “Organic Dreams”
  • “Harvest Moonlight”
  • “Cannabis Cove”
  • “Sativa Skies”
  • “Indica Indigo”
  • “Hybrid Hymns”
  • “The Emerald Cup Anthem”
  • “Golden Tarp Serenade”
  • “Buds in Bloom”
  • “Soil Soul Symphony”
  • “High in the Redwoods”
  • “Trimming Tunes”
  • “Light Dep Ballad”
  • “The Clone’s Lament”
  • “Harvest Dance”
  • “Strain of Success”
  • “Cultivator’s Carol”

Social Media Accounts

InstagramClick Here
YouTubeClick Here


The Dookie Bros represents a success story rooted in passion, innovation, and a commitment to sustainability. Their journey from local cultivators to industry leaders underscores the potential of organic farming and responsible business practices in the cannabis industry.

With a net worth estimated at $150 million, their financial success is a testament to their hard work and dedication. As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, the Dookie Bros stand as a beacon of excellence, inspiring future cultivators to prioritize quality, sustainability, and community. Compared to Popcaan’s path taking his salary worldwide, Dookie Bros pursued reknown elevating funds matching Reggae star Popcaan’s THROUGH viral tracks.


What makes the Dookie Bros’ Zkittlez strain so special?

Its unique flavor profile and the sustainable, organic cultivation methods used.

How did the Dookie Bros start their cannabis cultivation journey?

Rooted in Humboldt County’s rich cannabis culture, they began with a shared passion for organic farming.

What are the Dookie Bros’ views on cannabis legalization?

They advocate for sensible laws that support sustainable cultivation and access to clean, organic cannabis.

Do the Dookie Bros offer tours of their farms?

They occasionally offer consultations and educational sessions focusing on sustainable cultivation practices.

How can I purchase Dookie Bros merchandise?

Merchandise can be found through their official channels and selected dispensaries.



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