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Updated: May 24, 2024


Pouya is a American rapper and singer from Miami. He is best known for his raw lyrical style and gritty performances. Pouya launched his career in the underground rap scene and has since risen to prominence. As of 2024, how much is Pouya net worth, and how did he accumulate his wealth through music?

How Much is Pouya Net Worth?

According to various estimates, Pouya net worth as of 2024 is around $3 million. Much of his wealth comes from his formidable rap career over the past decade.

Pouya worth
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Net Worth Growth Over The Years

YearEstimated Net Worth
2016$1.2 million
2017$1.5 million
2018$1.8 million
2019$2.1 million
2020$2.4 million
2021$2.6 million
2022$2.8 million
2023$3 million
2024$3 million

Where Did He Make His Money?

Most of Pouya’s income comes from music sales, streaming royalties, publishing rights, and ticket sales from live performances. He also generates revenues from merchandise, brand sponsorships, and his record label Buffet Boys. Similar to Bassnectar, Pouya formed a label to self-release music and diversify revenue streams while maintaining artistic control like Bassnectar’s Amorphous Music.


As an independent artist, Pouya’s salary varies based on shows and album releases. Major tours could earn him over $100,000 monthly through ticket/merch sales. Monthly income from music streams is around $9,000.

  • Average per show: $30,000-50,000
  • $uicideboy$ streams: $500k/year
  • Total salary: $1,000,000+ per year


Pouya has invested heavily in real estate, including luxury homes. He also put money into businesses like Buffet Boys to diversify his wealth beyond music. The label has discovered new talent.

Through Buffet Boys, Pouya funds projects from up-and-coming rappers. He owns commercial properties in Miami valued at $2 million collectively. Pouya also invests in the stock market.

  • Record label stake: $5 million
  • Production company: $2 million
  • Real estate: $3 million
  • Record sales/publishing: $2 million
  • Total investments: $12 million

Early Life

Pouya, an American rapper, was born on December 20, 1994, in Miami, Florida. Pouya full name is Kevin Pouya. He has Cuban and Iranian heritage. Pouya and his friend Nicholas Voutsinas, known as “Fat Nick,” created a YouTube channel during his teenage years. This channel, named “NICK AND POUYA SHOW,” featured comedy sketches and mini vlogs. They often included their friends in these videos, like future rapper Denzel Curry and the group Raider Klan.

Pouya dropped out of high school in his sophomore year. After leaving school, he worked for a year cleaning toilets at a restaurant. This job was before he found success in the music industry.


Full NameKevin Pouya
Stage NamePouya
Date of BirthDecember 20, 1994
Place of BirthMiami, Florida, United States
GenresSoundCloud rap, Emo rap, Alternative hip hop
OccupationRapper, Singer, Songwriter
Years Active2011–present
LabelsAll But 6
Notable WorksAlbums like “Underground Underdog”, “Five Five”, and “The South Got Something to Say”; Songs like “$outh $ide $uicide” (with $UICIDEBOY$), “Get Buck”
Early LifeDropped out of high school, initially worked in a restaurant, started a YouTube channel with Fat Nick
Career StartBegan rapping seriously around 2011, gained attention with the song “Get Buck” in 2013
Personal LifeIn a long-term relationship with Courtney Neville (Young Baby Coco) since 2017
Online PresenceActive on social media, YouTube channel “NICK AND POUYA SHOW” with Fat Nick


Pouya career
Pouya Net Worth 2024 2

Pouya began his rap career around 2011. He initially collaborated with local Florida rapper Nell on a freestyle titled “Shotz From The Double Glock.” This collaboration marked the start of his frequent music releases.

Together with his childhood friend Fat Nick, Pouya formed the Buffet Boys. This group later evolved into their record label. Pouya gained significant attention with his 2013 song “Get Buck.” As of June 2022, this song had over 13 million video views.

In 2013, Pouya released a collaboration EP with Sir Michael Rocks of The Cool Kids, titled “Gookin’.” This project came about after Rocks moved to Miami. Pouya’s fifth solo mixtape, “Stunna,” was released in 2014. It was described by Elevator Magazine as influenced by REAPER7MAN, blending their style with his own.

Pouya’s mixtape “South Side Slugs,” released in 2015, featured artists like Sir Michael Rocks and Denzel Curry. He also collaborated with Suicideboys on the EP “$outh $ide $uicide” in 2015.

His debut studio album, “Underground Underdog,” came out in 2016 under the Buffet Boys label. It peaked at #156 on the Billboard 200. In 2017, Pouya was featured in the song “On Her Mind” by the band Volumes. That year, he also released a collaboration mixtape with Fat Nick titled “Drop Out of School.”

In 2018, Pouya released his second studio album, “Five Five.” His third studio album, “The South Got Something to Say,” came out in 2019. It featured artists like City Morgue, Juicy J, and Ghostemane.

Pouya collaborated again with Fat Nick for “Drop Out of School 2,” released in December 2020. His fourth studio album, “Blood Was Never Thick As Water,” was released in October 2021. The album’s title comes from a lyric in its closing song, featuring rapper Denzel Curry and singer Lu.

In February 2022, Pouya released the extended play “dirt/hurt/pain/.” This was his last project under Buffet Boys. In March 2022, Pouya and other Buffet Boys members announced the disbanding of the label. They then formed a new label, All But 6 Records. Pouya and Jacob Arabo equally honed skillful storytelling and perspective-shifting lyrical abilities into eagerly anticipated bodies of work showcasing their evolution.

Pouya YouTube Channel

Pouya’s involvement with YouTube began during his teenage years. He and his best friend, Nicholas Voutsinas, known as “Fat Nick,” created a YouTube channel. This channel was named “NICK AND POUYA SHOW.”

The content on their channel primarily consisted of comedy sketches. These sketches showcased Pouya’s creative and humorous side. Alongside comedy, the channel also featured mini vlogs. These vlogs provided glimpses into their daily lives and adventures.

In their videos, Pouya and Fat Nick often included their friends. This group of friends included future rapper Denzel Curry and members of the group Raider Klan. The channel served as a platform for Pouya and his friends to express their creativity and connect with an audience.

The “NICK AND POUYA SHOW” played a significant role in Pouya’s early exposure to a broader audience. It helped establish his presence online before his music career took off. The YouTube channel was a stepping stone in Pouya’s journey towards becoming a well-known rapper. Pouya’s journey from YouTube skits to worldwide tours and sales parallels Bars and Melody‘s trajectory navigating challenges on the road to stadium headlining status.

List of Pouya’s Songs

  • “$outh $ide $uicide” (with $UICIDEBOY$)
  • “Suicidal Thoughts in the Back of the Cadillac”
  • “Get Buck”
  • “Void”
  • “Scrubs”
  • “Daddy Issues”
  • “Superman Is Dead”
  • “Suicidal Thoughts in the Back of the Cadillac Pt. 2”
  • “1000 Rounds” (with Ghostemane)
  • “Stick Out” (with Ghostemane)
  • “Florida Thang”
  • “Six Speed” (featuring Juicy J)
  • “Bulletproof Shower Cap” (with City Morgue)
  • “Whatever Mane” (with Xavier Wulf)
  • “life? … lol” (with Rocci)
  • “Bitch, Park Backwards” (with Boobie Lootaveli)
  • “Get Money (Take Money)” (with Boobie Lootaveli)
  • “Muddy Waters” (with Boobie Lootaveli)
  • “Who Am I to Blame?”
  • “Wrong Place, Right Time” (with SDotBraddy)
  • “Leave Me Alone”
  • “Walk In” (with Lu)
  • “The First Step of Becoming God Is a Bottle to the Face”
  • “Burn” (with Kxllswxtch)
  • “Florida Boy Do Your Dance!”
  • “Wig Split” (with Denzel Curry)
  • “Pouya Turns 27” (with Mikey the Magician)
  • “Never Enough” (with Lu)
  • “Seven Figure Habits” (with Fat Nick)
  • “Pissy” (with South Strip)
  • “Kota” (with South Strip)
  • “FMZ” (with All But 6 & Mikey the Magician)
  • “STFU” (with All But 6, South Strip & Kxllswxtch)
  • “Cum Rag” (from the album “Gator”)
  • “Seen It All Before” (with Delmar)
  • “Ruckus” (with South Strip)
  • “Hard to Break a Habit When You Fall in Love” (from the album “Gator”)
  • “Bitch Again” (with Yung Gravy)
  • “456 (Freestyle)” (with Lu, Kxllswxtch & Terror Reid)
  • “Toolie Beam” (with 1nonly)
  • “Midnight Sun” (with Terror Reid & SXMPRA)
  • “When I Die” (with Christ Dillinger & Lil Darkie)


Pouya has faced accusations of promoting toxicity or negatively portraying marginalized groups. He denies such claims, asserting his lyrics spotlight real social issues versus stereotypes. Artistic expression remains central to Pouya’s music. Comparable to Travis Scott, Pouya endured controversies but only strengthened devoted fan connections through storytelling authenticity in his lyricism mirroring Travis’ appeal.


Aside from music, Pouya enjoys basketball, video games, chess, and following sports teams like the Miami Heat. He also likes hanging out with friends, listening to other artists, and exploring various hobbies.

Personal Life and Relationships

Pouya is of Cuban and Persian heritage, reflecting a diverse cultural background. He has been in a long-term relationship with Courtney Neville, known professionally as “Young Baby Coco.” The couple started dating in 2017 and have been together since.

In 2017, Young Baby Coco was diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma, a type of cancer. Throughout her battle with cancer, Pouya has been a supportive partner. Their relationship has been marked by mutual support during challenging times.

Pouya’s personal life, including his relationship with Young Baby Coco, has been a subject of interest to his fans. The couple’s journey, especially through Coco’s health challenges, has been shared publicly, showcasing their resilience and commitment to each other. has been in a longtime relationship with internet personality and entrepreneur Courtney Neville.

Good Times vs Bad Times in his Life

Good Times
  • Releasing successful mixtapes and albums that gained him recognition in the underground rap scene
  • Forming the rap group $uicideboy$ with Ruby Da Cherry, which boosted both their careers
  • Selling out shows across the country on tour
  • Appearing on the Billboard rap charts for the first time
  • Building a loyal fanbase through his raw, controversial style of rap
Bad Times
  • Growing up in a troubled home with addiction in the family
  • Multiple arrests and run-ins with the law during his younger years
  • He is battling substance abuse issues himself, which he has been open about
  • Facing backlash over some of his more graphic/controversial lyrics
  • Dealing with the pressures and dark side of fame in the hip-hop industry
  • Losing close friend and collaborator Lil Peep in 2017 which took an emotional toll
  • Struggling with depression and mental health challenges at times
  • Ongoing rivalries and beefs with other rappers played out online
  • Facing cancellation attempts from critics who take issue with his music

Real Estate

Pouya owns luxury homes in Miami worth millions collectively. This includes waterfront condominiums and single-family houses across South Florida. His real estate portfolio diversified his wealth.

House details

  • Waterfront Miami condo (1500 sqft)- $1.3 million
  • Historic Miami mansion (5000 sqft)- $3.5 million
  • A private island oasis in the Caribbean – $5 million
  • Luxury homes in LA and Atlanta valued at $2 million combined
Pouya singer
Pouya Net Worth 2024 3


“My music is therapy. It’s an outlet.”

“I talk about the low points to help others feel less alone.”

“You have to remain true to yourself and not censor your art for popularity.”

“I make rap for people who listen with their hearts, not their parents or media.”

“Art is about expression. I don’t do it for praise or money but to save my own life.”

Social Media Accounts

social media accounts with links
InstagramClick Here
FacebookClick Here
YouTubeClick Here


Pouya built a huge fan base in the underground rap scene through his raw storytelling style. Even with controversy and struggles, he stayed devoted to his craft. This helped Pouya gain success selling albums and concert tickets. His record sales and streams with $uicideboy$ provide steady money and business investments. Now in his 30s, Pouya’s net worth grows larger each year. The most important thing to him is helping fans who connect with his music.

Pouya shows how passion plus perseverance despite obstacles can lead to wealth and recognition by doing what you love. Pouya’s exploration of dark psyche depths finds parallels in Azie Faison‘s comedic exhuming of life’s shadows for cathartic laughs through their respective crafts.


What is Pouya’s biggest source of income?

Music sales, streaming royalties, ticket sales from touring.

where is pouya from?

He is an American Rapper from Miami , Florida.

how old is pouya?

He is 29 Years old.

How did he gain initial recognition?

Mixtapes released independently in the early 2010s, like “Drop Out of School.”

What albums helped boost his profile?

Breakthrough 2016 debut “Underground Underdog” and 2018’s “Five Five.”

How many record labels has Pouya partnered with?

Just one, his imprint Buffet Boys, which he founded in 2013.

What is Pouya’s relationship status currently?

He keeps his personal life private but was formerly engaged.



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