FaZe Rain Net Worth (Updated 2024)

Updated: November 29, 2023


FaZe Rain has established himself as one of his generation’s most successful gaming content creators. As of 2024, estimates put FaZe Rain’s net worth at around $3 million. Let’s take a deeper look inside how Nordan Shat, better known as him, built his wealth and brand.

How Much is FaZe Rain Worth Today?

As of 2024, FaZe Rain net worth at around $3 million.

As you can see, Rain’s net worth has grown exponentially since he first found YouTube fame in his late teens. Let’s explore how he’s earned and grown his multi-million dollar fortune.

FaZe Rain Net Worth Growth over the Years

YearEstimated Net Worth
2015$1 million (Estimated)
2018$1 million (Estimated)
2020$1.7 million (Estimated)
2022$1.8 million (Estimated)
2023$2 million (Estimated)
2024$3 million (Estimated)
FaZe Rain worth
FaZe Rain Net Worth (Updated 2024) 1

Where Did FaZe Rain Make His Money?

YouTube Revenue

As one of the earliest gaming megastars on YouTube, Rain has earned tens of millions from ads and sponsorships on his channel over the past decade. With over 12 million subscribers today, his videos rake in seven figures annually.

Business Ventures

2018 Rain leveraged his celebrity to purchase a major stake in the esports organization FaZe Clan. The organization is now valued at over $200 million. He also founded the successful clothing line FaZe Apparel.

Brand Deals and Sponsorships

Major companies pay top dollar to associate with Rain and his massive audience. From controller sponsors to promoting games and snacks, these deals pull in millions per year.

Investments and Real Estate

Rain is known to be a savvy investor, having stakes in startups and a growing real estate portfolio worth tens of millions. He owns properties in Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto and beyond.

FaZe Rain’s Salary and Investments Over the Years

YearEstimated SalaryMajor Investments
2018$1 millionBought stake in FaZe Clan
2020$2 millionInvested in gaming company
2021$3 millionInvested in real estate portfolio
2022$4 millionStarted clothing/merchandise line

As you can see, Rain’s salary and business acumen have exponentially grown his wealth since he first found fame. Let’s explore some other areas of his multi-million dollar portfolio.

FaZe Rain’s Real Estate Holdings

Rain’s real estate profile is reflective of his success. Properties include:

  • $6 million mansion in Los Angeles, CA
  • $3 million waterfront home in Miami, FL
  • $2 million Toronto condo
  • Numerous rental properties and land holdings

His portfolio continues to expand annually with properties in coveted locations. Real estate is a major portion of his current $3 million net worth.

Faze Rain Early Life

Rain was born in 1996 in Toronto, Canada. He grew up playing video games. At age 15, Rain started posting “Call of Duty” trick-shot videos. Fans loved watching his playing skills. His YouTube channel became very popular.

Faze Rain Career

By 2012, Rain joined the FaZe Clan. They made videos together. Millions watched their gaming and stunt videos. Rain’s skills and funny personality attracted fans. He dropped out of school to focus on gaming full-time.

Rain’s YouTube channel kept growing fast. By 2015, over 5 million people followed him. Companies paid him to promote their games and products. He invested money wisely in businesses. Rain also helped FaZe Clan grow into a top esports organization.

Through hard work and talent, rain became one of YouTube’s biggest gaming stars by his late teens. He proved that video skills can make someone very successful. Rain keeps entertaining millions of fans worldwide today.


Faze RainDetails
Full NameNordan Shat
Date of BirthApril 22, 1996
Place of BirthToronto, Canada
Age27 years old
Height6’2″ (1.88 m)
Weight170 lbs (77 kg)
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorHazel
Relationship StatusIn a relationship with Nicole since 2020
EducationSelf-taught, no college degree
ProfessionYouTuber, Gamer, Entrepreneur, Content Creator
Net Worth$3 million (as of 2024)

FaZe Rain Luxury Car Collection

An avid car enthusiast, Rain spends his earnings on the finest automobiles. His garage includes:

  • McLaren P1: $1.3 million
  • Lamborghini Aventador: $500,000
  • Ferrari 488 GTB: $260,000
  • Rolls Royce Phantom: $450,000
  • Mercedes G-Wagen: $150,000

His stable of luxury rides is enviably parked in locations from LA to Miami and beyond. Cars are a signature passion for the YouTube star.

Controversies and Criticism

Of course, with fame comes controversies. Some of Rain’s past controversies include:

  • Gambling sponsorships leading to underage gambling accusations
  • Involvement in a 2017 lawsuit between FaZe Clan partners
  • Online harassment for promoting unhealthy habits to young fans

However, he’s since distanced himself from such controversies and platforms his brand more positively.

Awards and Achievements

  • Diamond Play Button for 10M YouTube subscribers in 2016
  • Streamy Award for Gamer of the Year in 2018
  • Forbes 30 Under 30 in Media in 2020

Success VS Challenging Time in Faze Rain’s Life

Success Time
  • Becoming a famous YouTube gamer
  • Making millions from videos and business
  • Buying luxury cars and homes
  • Growing FaZe Clan brand
Challenging Time
  • Online harassment criticisms
  • Early career depression problems
  • 2017 FaZe Clan member lawsuit
FaZe Rain finance
FaZe Rain Net Worth (Updated 2024) 2

Faze Rain’s Los Angeles House

Faze Rain owns a lavish $6 million home in Los Angeles. The 10,000-square-foot mansion has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and amazing amenities. It sits on 2 acres of land with a swimming pool and outdoor entertaining areas. The interior has high-end finishes like marble and hardwood floors throughout. As his biggest real estate asset, Rain enjoys hosting friends at the luxurious Los Angeles property.

Social Media Accounts

Social Media Accounts
YouTubeClick Here
InstagramClick Here
TwitterClick Here


Through a combination of raw skills, business acumen, and a charismatic online personality, FaZe Rain has emerged as one of his generation’s most successful digital stars. By leveraging his YouTube fame, savvy investments, and cult following, he’s amassed a fortune estimated at $3 million by age 26.

While controversies arose, Rain continued optimizing his brand and growing his wealth through new ventures. With his ambitious work ethic, the sky appears to be the limit for this Canadian gaming phenomenon in 2023 and beyond.


What is FaZe Rain’s real name?

Nordan Shat

How old is FaZe Rain?

26 years old (born in 1996)

Where is FaZe Rain from originally?

Toronto, Canada

What games does FaZe Rain play?

Most known for Call of Duty but also plays Fortnite, Minecraft, and more.

Is FaZe Rain still part of the FaZe Clan?

Yes, he remains one of the founding members and stakeholders of the esports organization.



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