Joel McCrea Net Worth (Updated 2024)

Updated: December 7, 2023


Joel McCrea was a famous movie star. He acted in many films like Westerns. People loved watching McCrea on the big screen. He worked hard and became very successful.

Who is Joel McCrea?

Joel McCrea was born in California in 1905. He wanted to be an actor since he was young. McCrea acted in over 90 movies during his long career in Hollywood.

Joel McCrea worth
Joel McCrea Net Worth (Updated 2024) 1

How Much is Joel McCrea Net Worth?

When McCrea passed away in 1990, his worth was $3 million. He got this money from working as an actor for many years.

Net Worth Growth

YearEstimated Net Worth

Where did he make his money?

McCrea made money in different ways:

  • Acting in Hollywood films paid well
  • He starred in famous westerns that many people saw
  • McCrea got paid more for playing lead roles


Early in his career, McCrea likely made around $10,000 per film. By the 1950s, he earned over $100,000 per movie as a top actor. His wealth grew with experience over 50 years of acting.


McCrea was smart about his money. He invested in a ranch and also put extra money in the bank. This helped his money to keep growing bigger after retirement.

  • McCrea bought a large ranch in New Mexico, where he raised cattle
  • He kept money inside a savings bank that paid more money each year
  • McCrea’s ranch and savings money kept supporting him after he quit acting

Salary & Investments

YearSalary per FilmInvestments

Early Life

Joel was born in 1905. He grew up in California with his family. As a boy, Joel liked to act in school plays. Acting made him happy. When older, Joel wanted to be a real actor in films. He moved to Hollywood after high school. Joel found small roles in silent movies. He learned from watching others act. Slowly, he got bigger roles. Joel worked hard to become famous.

Joel McCrea career
Joel McCrea Net Worth (Updated 2024) 2


Joel McCreaDetails
NameJoel McCrea
Place of BirthNovember 5, 1905
Date of birthSouth Pasadena, California
Died20, 1990 in Los Angeles, California
SpouseFrances Dee (m. 1933-1990)


Joel enjoyed retirement on his ranch in New Mexico. He was still loved by fans for his Western films. In October 1990, Joel was 84 years old. He passed away in Los Angeles. Joel died of natural causes. His family was with him. Pneumonia caused his death. Pneumonia makes the lungs inflamed. Joel lived a long, full life until age 84. He stayed healthy from running. Joel was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park. This place is near his Hollywood home.


Joel became very popular in the 1930s. He acted in movies like westerns that many people watched. Joel played brave cowboys fighting to help others. Fans loved him. His movies made a lot of money. Joel worked for over 50 years, making almost 100 films. Even when he was old, he kept acting in Westerns. Directors liked hiring Joel because he was talented. He worked hard and stayed famous until retirement. Joel enjoyed his long career in Hollywood movies.


Joel was married to actress Frances Dee. They loved each other very much. Together they had three sons. Joel cared for his family. When not working, he spent time at home. Joel’s wife supported him in his acting career. His sons grew into strong men. Joel’s family brought him much happiness in life. Spending time with them was relaxing for Joel after long days on movie sets.


Joel met actress Frances Dee in 1933. They fell in love and married. Frances supported Joel’s acting career. Their marriage lasted 57 years until Joel passed away. Joel and Frances had three children together, who they loved very much. His family kept him balanced while acting during busy times. Joel was a loving father and husband when he got home from filming movies.


Once, a director was mean to Joel on set. They did not get along. Joel punched the director, which caused trouble. He acted angry sometimes, too. In one film, Joel did not like how his character was written. He changed parts of the script himself. The studio making the film got mad at Joel for changing their work. But fans still supported Joel because he was their favorite actor.


There are some facts about his life In his free time, Joel loved nature. He owned a big ranch. Joel learned to ride horses and breed cows. Being on his ranch relaxed him. Joel also enjoyed taking photos around his land. When not working, riding horses made Joel very happy. He spent much time outside on the ranch. It was his favorite place.

Real Estate

  • Ranch in New Mexico he had owned since the 1940s
  • Apartment in Los Angeles near film studios

Facts and Figures

  • Born in 1905 in California
  • Acted in over 90 films from 1920s-1970s
  • Died in 1990 at age 84 in California
Joel McCrea wealth
Joel McCrea Net Worth (Updated 2024) 3

Car Collection 

  • Pickup truck for ranch work
  • Cadillac for driving family
  • Oldsmobile he used during his acting career

Success VS Challenging Time

Success Times
  • Good: Success of early films
  • military service in WWII
  • happy 57-year marriage
  • Getting first starring role
  • marrying Frances
  • buying the ranch
Challenging Times
  • Financial struggles as a young actor
  • injury stalled career briefly in the 1940s
  • disagreements with some directors
  • Struggling as a beginner
  • the argument with a director
  • injury prevented acting


Joel McCrea had a highly successful 50-year career in classic Hollywood cinema. Through his talent, charm, and versatility in numerous Western and adventure roles, he became one of the foremost leading men of his generation. McCrea maintained a happy family life and a passion for the outdoors off-screen. He leaves an admirable legacy as a top movie star and a devoted family man and citizen. For decades, McCrea’s memorable roles and wholesome image made him a favorite among film audiences.


What was McCrea’s most famous role?

As Wyatt Earp in 1957’s Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

Did he win any awards?

No Oscar but received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1960.

What war did he serve in?

McCrea was a US Army Air Corps flight instructor during WWII.

How many children did he have?

McCrea had 3 children with wife Frances Dee.

What were his hobbies outside acting?

Ranching, horseback riding, polo, and photography.



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