Mel Robbins Net Worth (Updated 2024)

Updated: May 23, 2024


Mel Robbins is a famous motivational speaker. She helps many people change their lives. Once, she was a lawyer but did not like her work. Now, she teaches others how to be happy. Let’s explore Mel Robbins Net Worth and all about her life.

Who is Mel Robbins?

Mel Robbins was born in 1968 in the USA. She studied hard and became a lawyer. But she was not happy. Then, she started teaching people about life. Now, many people know her.

Mel Robbins worth
Mel Robbins Net Worth (Updated 2024) 1

How Much is Mel Robbins Net Worth?

Mel Robbins net worth is around to be $17 to 18 million. She has a big house and sells her other house. Her YouTube videos get many views. Her money keeps growing each year.

Net Worth Growth over the Last 10 Years

YearEstimated Net Worth
2013$7 million (Estimated)
2015$10 million (Estimated)
2017$12 million (Estimated)
2019$14 million (Estimated)
2021$15 million (Estimated)
2023$17 million (Estimated)
2024$17 to 18 million (Estimated)

Where Did He Make His Money?

Mel Robbins earns from speaking to large groups. Companies pay her to talk to their employees. She writes books that sell very well. Her books make her lots of money, too. She also owns houses and land that give her rental income.


Mel Robbins speaks around 167 times each year. Companies pay her $75,000 to $100,000 for each talk. So, she earns about $14.5 million per year from speaking. She also earns millions from her books and YouTube videos. In total, her yearly income is around $15.2 million.

Salary and Investments

Average Speaking Fee$75,000 – $100,000 per event (Estimated)
Estimated Annual Salary$15.2 million (Estimated)
Real Estate Portfolio>$30 million (Estimated)
Stock Investments$3.25 million (Estimated)
Annual Investment Returns$680,000 (Estimated)
Total Estimated Wealth$17 to 18 million (Estimated)


Mel Robbins invests some of her money carefully. Real estate like her house grows in value. She also puts money in companies like Apple that increase over time. These investments make her more money each year without working. It adds over $680,000 to her yearly income.

  • Houses – She owns luxury homes in various cities like Los Angeles, Miami, Hamptons, and Park City worth over $30 million in total—these increase in value yearly.
  • Land – Mel Robbins has land holdings, including 26 acres where her Vermont house sits. Land typically appreciates over time.
  • Stock – She has invested $1 million in Netflix stock, $500,000 in Tesla, and $750,000 in Apple. These companies have grown strongly.
  • Bonds – Some of her money is likely in low-risk bonds that generate interest income annually.
  • Mutual Funds – Mel Robbins puts some assets into diversified stock and bond index funds for further returns.
  • Startups – As a wealthy entrepreneur, she may back small companies with growth potential.
  • Private Equity – Large investment funds could professionally manage a portion of her portfolio.
  • Precious Metals – A small part of her wealth may be in gold and silver bars for diversification.
  • Cryptocurrency – Recent wealth sources like bitcoin are also possibilities in her mix.

Early Life

Mel Robbins was born in 1968 in Kansas City, Missouri. Her mother’s name is Marcia. Not much is known about her father and siblings. She studied very hard in school. Mel went to Dartmouth College to get her degree. Then, she joined Boston College Law School. She completed her law degree in 1994.


Melanie Lee Schneeberger (Mel Robbins)Details
Full NameMelanie Lee Schneeberger (Mel Robbins)
Date of BirthOctober 6, 1968
Place of BirthKansas City, Missouri, USA
Age54 years old
ProfessionMotivational Speaker, Author, TV Host
Years Active1994 – Present
Alma MaterDartmouth College, Boston College Law School
Marital StatusMarried to Christopher Robbins (since 1996)
Children3 – Oakley, Sawyer, Kendall
Mel Robbins career
Mel Robbins Net Worth (Updated 2024) 2


Mel started working as a lawyer. But she was not happy. Then, she covered an important court case for CNN News. This helped her career. Mel hosted shows on TV channels like Cox Media and A&E. She spoke to many people and companies. Mel wrote her first book in 2011, which became very popular. The book gave good advice to readers. Her book and TED talk in 2013 made her very famous worldwide.


In her TED talk, Mel talked about her childhood. She said her father was very angry at home. This made her and brother scared. Some people from her hometown did not like this. They did not want others to know about problems at home. Mel received angry messages from them. But she believed it was important to share her story to help people.

Family and Relationships

Mel got married to Christopher in 1996. They have three children together named Oakley, Sawyer, and Kendall. Christopher runs a restaurant. He also teaches yoga. Mel’s husband and children give her a lot of love and support. They make her happy and stay with her through her successful career. Mel works very hard but also spends time with her family. They live together happily in their homes.

Success VS Challenging Time

Success Time
  • Becoming a successful motivational speaker and author
  • Marrying her husband, Christopher
  • Birth of her three children
  • Publishing bestselling books
Challenging Time
  • Unhappy childhood due to an abusive father
  • Struggling in her initial law career
  • Cancellation of her talk show after one season
  • Online backlash for opening up about family issues

Car Collection

  • Audi RS7 – $140,000
  • BMW M5 – $105,000
  • Tesla Model X – $90,000
  • Lexus LX 570 – $80,000
  • Mercedes G-Class – $125,000

Her Vermont House

Mel Robbins owns a luxurious mansion set on 26 private acres in Vermont. The 12,000-square-foot house has six bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, and spacious living areas decorated lavishly. It features a gym, indoor pool, gigantic kitchen, and an open floor plan. Tall glass windows offer panoramic views of the surrounding lush green hills. A 5-car garage houses her expensive car collection. The estimated worth of this dream home alone is over $10 million.

Mel Robbins wealth
Mel Robbins Net Worth (Updated 2024) 3

Awards and Achievements

  1. Gracie Award for Outstanding Host (2014)
  2. Three New York Times bestseller books
  3. Over 1 million books sold globally
  4. Named one of Forbes 50 Over 50 (2023)
  5. Over 5 million social media followers
  6. Recognition for empowering millions of lives

Social Media Accounts

InstagramClick Here
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YouTubeClick Here


Mel Robbins is an inspiration for personal and professional reinvention. Through her struggles with an abusive father and unhappy career, she found her true calling in coaching and public speaking. She has accomplished immense financial success by helping millions transform their lives and positively impact the world. Her story shows the power of passion, resilience, and taking action without hesitation.


What is Mel Robbin’s net worth?

Mel Robbins’ estimated net worth in 2024 is $17 to 18 million.

What is her annual salary?

Mel earns approximately $15.2 million annually from public speaking, book royalties, investments, and other ventures.

What motivated her career change from law to life coaching?

Mel was unhappy in her law career and wanted to help others transform their lives, which led her to become a motivational speaker and coach.

What is the 5-second rule she advocates?

The 5-second rule encourages taking action within 5 seconds of having an urge or idea to overcome hesitation and procrastination.

How many books has she written?

Mel has written 3 books so far, all of which have been New York Times bestsellers.

What is her marital and family status?

Mel has been married to Christopher Robbins since 1996. They have 3 children together named Oakley, Sawyer, and Kendall.



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