Pavlok Net Worth (Updated 2024)

Updated: May 26, 2024


Pavlok worth
Pavlok Net Worth (Updated 2024) 1

Pavlok is a wearable device invented by Maneesh Sethi to help users quit bad habits like nail biting or smoking. It gently shocks the wearer using electrical pulses as a negative reinforcement.

Why Does Someone Use Pavlok?

People use Pavlok to help them stop habits that are hard to break or distracting behaviors like checking phones. The shocks are meant to make the user associate the habit with an unpleasant sensation over time to change actions.

How Much Pavlok Net Worth?

Pavlok Net Worth is estimated to be $45,000.

Pavlok Net Worth Growth Over The Years

YearEstimated Net Worth
Pavlok career
Pavlok Net Worth (Updated 2024) 2

Pavlok Shark Tank Update

Sethi went on Shark Tank seeking $500,000 for 3.14% equity. The sharks criticized him for lacking studies on Pavlok’s work. Kevin O’Leary offered the money as a loan, but Sethi declined rudely. After airing, sales temporarily rose due to publicity. However, complaints emerged over time that the device needed to be more effective.

Pavlok Sales

After appearing on Shark Tank in 2015, Pavlok’s first-year sales were $30,000. But recently, sales dropped to just $19,000 a year. Many customers reported the product needing to be fixed as expected. This harmed repeat sales and word-of-mouth marketing.

Customer Complaints on Pavlok

Customers said the shocks felt uncomfortable and didn’t stop unwanted habits. Some felt side effects like headaches from using it. The device seemed unreliable, with the intensity and timing of shocks varying. This created dissatisfaction with the product delivering its purpose.

Success VS Challenging Time

Success Time
  • Published first book at age 16
  • Graduated from a top university, Stanford
  • Raised $283k on IndieGoGo for Pavlok
  • Sold over 100k Pavlok units after Shark Tank
  • Featured on a major TV show like Shark Tank
Challenging Time
  • Pavlok product complaints and defects issues
  • Declining sales year after year
  • Rejection from investors on Shark Tank
  • Trouble getting Pavlok technology to work
  • Difficulty growing the business over time

About Pavlok

Sethi started Pavlok to break his social media addiction. The company aimed to help others quit smoking, nail-biting, and more through shock therapy. It now employs twelve people but has struggled with defects hindering customer satisfaction.

Who is the owner

The owner and creator is Maneesh Sethi, an Indian American entrepreneur and programmer from Miami. After someone kept him off social media, he thought he wanted a widely available solution.


Maneesh SethiDetails
NameManeesh Sethi
Date of BirthMiami, Florida, USA
Place of Birth1986
Current Age37 years old
OccupationEntrepreneur, Inventor, Author
EducationStanford University (Computer Science)
Years at PavlokSince 2014 (over nine years)
Net Worth$4 to 5 million
Maneesh Sethi wealth
Pavlok Net Worth (Updated 2024) 3

Maneesh Sethi’s Personal Life

Maneesh Sethi is from Miami, Florida. He grew up liking computers and programming. At the young age of 16, Maneesh wrote a book about how to make computer games. He became good at coding and designing websites.

Maneesh worked hard in school. He went to a top university called Stanford to study more about computers. After finishing there, Maneesh did web design work. He also helped run a blog about learning new skills.

One day, Maneesh wanted to change from working with computers. He wanted to make a product to help people. Maneesh spent too much time on Facebook. So he paid a man to hit him when he went on it! This helped him stop, but it was strange.

Then Maneesh made Pavlok, a band that gives small shocks. It helps stop bad habits. 2014, he started selling it after getting money from many people online. For some time, business was good. He sold products to over 100,000 people!

But then problems came. Many customers said Pavlok did not work well. It did not stop their habits like smoking or nail biting. Some felt dizzy or sick after using it. Sales started going down each year.

Maneesh Sethi owner of pavlok
Pavlok Net Worth (Updated 2024) 4

Maneesh went on a TV show called Shark Tank. Here, investors can give money, but it did not go well. Now, Pavlok only makes $19,000 in a year. Maneesh is still trying to solve problems and make business better. He hopes that one day, Pavlok can help many people change their habits.

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While unique in applying bioelectricity to habits, flaws in dependability hurt Pavlok’s long-term viability versus the potential teased by its TV appearance. Building a durable solution fulfilling bold claims remains a steep challenge for inventors to avoid unpredictable outcomes.


Did Pavlok see increased sales after Shark Tank?

No, publicity grew sales initially, but complaints caused numbers to decline.

What is Pavlok’s purpose?

To help people stop habits like smoking or nail biting using negative reinforcement of small shocks.

Why did Sethi go on Shark Tank?

He sought funding to further develop the product and brand to capture more of the quitting habit market.

What challenges did Pavlok face?

Mainly delivering an effective, consistent product that fulfilled its goal without side effects.

Why did customer satisfaction drop?

Many said it didn’t work or felt uncomfortable to use as intended without successfully changing behaviors.



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