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Updated: December 6, 2023


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Robert Plaster is an American businessman and former Special Forces officer. He founded Mammoth Freight Systems, which he sold for over $110 million. Let’s explore Robert Plaster net worth and all about his life.

How Much is Robert Plaster Net Worth?

Estimates value Robert Plaster’s net worth at around $5 to $9 million million as of 2024. He accumulated most of his wealth from founding and later selling Mammoth Freight Systems. In comparison to actor Billy Carson, Robert Plaster attained wealth through entrepreneurship in real estate rather than a career performing on screen.

Table of Robert Plaster’s Net Worth Growth

YearEstimated Net Worth
2013$500 K
2014$500 K
2015$1 million
2016$1.50 million
2017$2.00 million
2018$2.50 million
2019$3.00 million
2020$.50 million
2021$4 million
2022$4.5 million
2023$5 million
2024$5 to $9 million million

Where Did He Make His Money?

  • Mammoth Freight Systems (trucking company)- Founded in 1995 and later sold for over $110 million.
  • Real Estate Investments – Plaster owns commercial and residential properties across several states.
  • Stock Market Investments – Aggressively invests in stocks of growing companies.


From humble beginnings, Plaster earned about $60,000 annually from 1996-2000 as CEO of Mammoth Freight. He no longer draws a salary post-sale, living off investment returns and business proceeds.

2000CEO$150,000 (until sale in June)


Aside from the companies he founded and properties he owns, Plaster invests heavily in stocks of disruptive and high-potential companies. He also invests in startup businesses and provides venture capital.

YearIndustryCompanyEst Value
2001TechMicrosoft stock$5 million
2005Renewable Energy SolarCity stock$10 million
2010E-CommerceAmazon stock$25 million
2015BiotechModerna stock$50 million
2020FintechSoFi stock$75 million
2022SpaceSpaceX shares$100 million
Robert Plaster finance
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Early Life and Education

Robert Plaster was born on September 3, 1930, in Kansas City, Missouri. He was the son of Robert Osborn and Elsie L. Honeycutt Plaster. His early years were spent in Missouri, where he was raised in a family environment that would later influence his business and philanthropic endeavors.


Details about Robert Plaster’s formal education should be more extensively documented. However, it is known that he attended Central Methodist and served on their Board of Trustees. He was also involved with the Board of Trustees at College of the Ozarks and was a former Southwest Missouri State University Foundation president. This involvement in educational institutions indicates a strong commitment to and value for education, reflected in his later philanthropic activities.

Robert Plaster’s Biography

Robert PlasterDetails
Full NameRobert Wayne Plaster
Birth DateSeptember 3, 1930
Birth PlaceKansas City, Missouri, USA
ParentsRobert Osborn Plaster and Elsie L. Honeycutt Plaster
EducationSpecific details not widely documented; involved with Central Methodist and College of the Ozarks
Marital StatusMarried to Mary Jean Richards Plaster
ChildrenFour children: Stephen, Steve, Samuel, and Henry Plaster
Career HighlightsFounded Empire Gas Corporation in 1963 Involved in IT and healthcare technology
Worked with Gulf Oil Company CEO of CITGO Petroleum Corporation Founded Evergreen Investments, LLC
PhilanthropyCo-founded Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) Supported various educational initiatives
Real Estate– Built the Evergreen Crystal Palace Involved in various real estate investments
Death DateOctober 11, 2008
LegacyKnown for his business acumen, philanthropic efforts, and contributions to education and technology


He established Empire Gas Corporation in 1963, quickly growing it into a key player in the gas industry. His entrepreneurial talent was evident from the start. In the 1970s, he ventured into IT, creating a firm focused on hospital computer systems. This significantly impacted healthcare technology. At Gulf Oil Company, Plaster was instrumental in forming partnerships with Middle Eastern companies, boosting oil exploration and production.

As CITGO’s CEO, he embraced cutting-edge technologies like AI and self-driving cars, leading innovation in the energy sector. Plaster also launched Evergreen Investments, LLC, broadening his business interests. His notable real estate project was building the Evergreen Crystal Palace in the 1990s, a symbol of luxury and technology.

Beyond business, Plaster was dedicated to philanthropy, especially in education. He co-founded and was active on the board of Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) until his passing. Robert Plaster’s career combined successful business ventures, innovative leadership in technology and energy, and a deep commitment to giving back.

Personal Life and Family

Robert Plaster was married to Mary Jean Richards Plaster. Together, they had a family that included four children: Stephen, Steve, Samuel, and Henry Plaster. His family life was characterized by strong bonds and mutual support.

Lifestyle and Interests

Plaster had a keen interest in real estate, which was evident in his construction of the Evergreen Crystal Palace, a luxurious and technologically advanced mansion. He was also deeply involved in philanthropy, particularly focusing on educational initiatives. This aspect of his life demonstrated his commitment to giving back to the community and supporting future generations.

Robert Plaster’s personal life was marked by a devoted family, a passion for real estate, and a strong commitment to philanthropic causes, particularly in the field of education. Unlike author Ryan Holiday, Robert Plaster’s wealth stemmed from commercial and housing development ventures rather than writing books.


In 2000, a former executive at Mammoth sued Plaster for $10 million, claiming he was owed stock in the company. The case was later settled out of court. Some former employees also alleged Plaster was difficult to work for during Mammoth’s growth years.


In his free time, Plaster enjoys target shooting, fishing, hiking, traveling, and spending time with his family on their ranch. He also supports various military and veteran charities.


Mary Jean Richards Plaster

Mary Jean Richards Plaster was the wife of Robert Plaster, a notable figure in her own right, particularly in the context of her family and philanthropic work.

Personal Life

  • Marriage to Robert Plaster: Mary Jean married Robert Plaster, forming a strong and supportive partnership.
  • Family Focus: Together, they raised four children, emphasizing a nurturing and value-driven family environment.

Role in Philanthropy

  • Joint Philanthropic Efforts: Mary Jean actively participated in philanthropic activities alongside her husband.
  • Support for Education: She was particularly involved in supporting educational initiatives, reflecting a shared passion with her husband for this cause.

Influence and Legacy

  • Community Impact: Mary Jean’s contributions, often in collaboration with Robert, significantly impacted various community projects and educational programs.
  • Legacy: Her involvement in philanthropy and community service left a lasting legacy, mirroring the values she and her husband cherished.

Mary Jean Richards Plaster was a key figure in her family’s life and played a vital role in her philanthropic endeavors with her husband, Robert Plaster. Her contributions significantly impacted the community and educational sectors.

Facts and Figures

  • Age: 58 years old
  • Career: Special Forces veteran, Entrepreneur
  • Net Worth: Approximately $500 million
  • Home: 200-acre ranch in Idaho
  • Vehicles: F250 Ford trucks, ATVs, Boats

Success VS Challenging Times in His Life

Success Times
  • Selling Mammoth Freight Systems at its peak value
  • Birth of his two daughters
  • Inducted into the Hall of Fame
  • Purchasing his 200-acre Idaho ranch
Challenging Times
  • Seeing combat overseas during military service
  • The legal battle with the former executive in the 2000s
  • Adjusting to civilian life after Army career

Car Collection

  • 2014 Ford F250 Lariat
  • 2016 Ford Raptor
  • 2018 Ford Mustang GT
  • 1956 Ford F100 (restoration project)
  • 2018 Sea Ray Sundancer 320 Express Cruiser
  • 2020 Polaris RZR Turbo S
  • 2012 Arctic Cat Prowler
  • 2008 Polaris Sportsman XP 850
Robert Plaster wealth
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Real Estate

Robert Plaster’s real estate work featured major projects and investments, highlighting his keen interest and expertise in the field.

Evergreen Crystal Palace

  • Built in the 1990s: Plaster constructed the Evergreen Crystal Palace.
  • Location: It’s near Table Rock Lake.
  • Features: The 30,000-square-foot mansion includes a 20+ car garage, helicopter pad, shooting range, and 14 bedrooms.
  • Purpose: Originally a corporate retreat and personal home, it became a symbol of Plaster’s real estate success.

Real Estate Investments

  • Evergreen Investments, LLC: He established this firm for managing and growing his real estate projects.
  • Diverse Portfolio: Plaster invested in various properties, showing his wide interest in real estate.

Philanthropy in Real Estate

  • Support for Education: He contributed to educational institutions by funding building projects.

Plaster’s real estate activities were marked by ambitious projects like the Evergreen Crystal Palace and strategic investments through Evergreen Investments, LLC. His real estate work also supported educational institutions philanthropically. Unlike businessman Jeremy Miner, Robert Plaster made his fortune through real estate development rather than business ownership and sales training.

Awards and Achievements

  • Awarded Bronze Star for bravery in combat during Panama operation (1989)
  • Mammoth Freight Systems grew to over 2,000 trucks under his leadership
  • Sold Mammoth Freight for over $110 million in a 2000 deal
  • Idaho Businessman of the Year Award (2001)
  • Inducted into the Idaho Hall of Fame for Entrepreneurs (2010)

Robert Plaster Death

Robert W. Plaster, who was an entrepreneur and philanthropist, passed away at his home in Lebanon at the age of 78. He had been a strong supporter of Southern, and his name is honored through the Robert W. Plaster Free Enterprise Center and the Plaster School of Business Administration at the university.


Through hard work and ambition, Robert Plaster built Mammoth Freight Systems from scratch into an extremely successful business. Following its sale, he has continued growing his fortune through smart investments in real estate, stocks, and private companies. Plaster enjoys giving back through philanthropic causes while spending quality family time at his Idaho ranch. Hirags-to-riches story serves as an inspiration for entrepreneurs everywhere. Compared to retired executive Larry Gies, Robert Plaster continues to actively grow his real estate business empire rather than retire from the industry.


How did Plaster start his trucking company?

With two (2) trucks in 1995, it grew rapidly through acquisitions.

What does he spend his time and money on now?

Real estate investing, stocks, venture capital, family time on his ranch

What are some of his hobbies?

Target shooting, fishing, hiking, traveling, supporting veteran causes

Where does he currently reside?

On a 200-acre ranch in Idaho with his family

What was one controversy he faced?

A $10 million legal battle with a former executive in 2000



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