David Frecka Net Worth (Updated 2024)

Updated: May 24, 2024


David Frecka is a well-known American entrepreneur and CEO. He founded NEXT GENERATION FILMS.COM, a leading packaging film manufacturing company. Let’s look at his success story and determine his current net worth.

Who is David Frecka?

Frecka is the founder and CEO of NEXT GENERATION FILMS.COM. It manufactures plastic films and bags for packaging products. The company is located in Delaware. It supplies packaging films to various industries like food, medicine, electronics, etc. Under Frecka’s leadership, NEXT GENERATION FILMS.COM has grown into a multi-million dollar business.

What is David Frecka Net Worth?

As of 2024, David’s net worth is around $6 million. He earned this wealth primarily from founding and running his successful packaging films company, NEXT GENERATION FILMS.COM, for over 20 years. Frecka also makes smart investments in real estate and the stock market, contributing to his growing fortune.

David Frecka worth
David Frecka Net Worth (Updated 2024) 1

Net Worth Growth Over The Years

YearEstimated Net worth
2013$2 Million
2015$3 Million
2018$4 Million
2020$5 Million
2023$6 Million
2024$6 million

Where Did He Make His Money?

David Frecka started making money starting NEXT GENERATION FILMS in the early 2000s. They make special plastic films and bags for packing things. Frecka made it a leader in the packaging business through hard work and new ideas. His wealth comes from owning and running this growing packaging company for 20 years.


As the first person and owner of NEXT GENERATION FILMS, He gets about $250,000 annually. This pay likely went up as the company did better under his leadership. But most of Frecka’s money comes directly from owning the private company he started from nothing.


Besides growing his business, he invests some wealth smartly. Some key investments include:
Houses and offices in the US worth over $3 million.
Shares in big companies like Amazon, Tesla, and Microsoft.

Real Estate: Frecka owns several residential and commercial properties across the US, estimated to be worth over $3 million.

Stock Market: He has a diversified stock portfolio, including shares of large companies like Amazon, Tesla, and Microsoft.

Private Equity: Frecka funds small startup businesses, especially those in packaging and logistics.

Salary and Investments

ItemsEstimated Value
Annual Salary$250,000
Real Estate Holdings$5 million
Stock Portfolio$2 million
Private Equity Deals$1 million
Car Collection$1 million

Early Life

David Frecka was born in 1978 in Delaware, United States. He came from a middle-class family, and his parents worked hard to support him and his siblings. Frecka was ambitious from a young age and dreamed of someday starting his own business. He worked various part-time jobs in high school to save money. Frecka then attended the University of Delaware and earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration.


David FreckaDetails
NameDavid Frecka
Age44 years
Weight175 lbs
BirthplaceDelaware, USA
EducationBachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of Delaware


After school, Frecka started in packaging by joining a local factory. For 5 years, he learned how they make plastic films and run packaging operations. In 2003, Frecka launched NEXT FILMS with $50,000 in savings. He first set up the company in Delaware and did all production and sales.

Through hard work, Frecka expanded the business fast. In 2010, he renamed it NEXT GENERATION FILMS to show its growth. As the leader, the company invested much in new machines and product lines. Frecka also focused on partnerships and buying other companies to strengthen its market position. Today, NEXT GENERATION FILMS is a trusted supplier serving major industries across North America.


In 2015, NEXT GENERATION FILMS.COM faced accusations of using unstable chemical additives in some of its film products without proper warnings. Customers reported film discolouration and inconsistent quality. Frecka denied these claims but privately investigated the matter and reevaluated chemical formulations. The company switched to a safer, greener additive in 2016 to resolve the issue and regain customer trust. No legal charges were filed against NEXT GENERATION FILMS.COM regarding this controversy.

David Frecka career
David Frecka Net Worth (Updated 2024) 2


When not busy running his flourishing packaging empire, David Frecka enjoys hiking, mountain biking, and trying new food joints. Living in Delaware, he likes exploring the scenic coastal trails during weekends. Frecka also is also passionate about and collects vintage sports cars in his free time. He owns several luxury vehicles, including a Tesla Model X and a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro. Frecka enjoys organising car meets with fellow enthusiasts on special occasions.


David Frecka prefers to keep his personal life private. Not much is known about his relationship status; it is an excess known point that he has never married. Several sources mention Frecka dating fashion model Laura Jones for over two years till 2015. However, neither has publicly confirmed details of this relationship. CurrItears Frecka is single and focused on growing his business empire. He lives in a lavish oceanfront mansion near Wilmington, Delaware.

Good and Bad Times

Good Times
  • Launch of NEXT GENERATION FILMS.COM (2003)
  • Opening the company HQ building (2010)
  • Becoming a $100M revenue business (2015)
  • Appearing on the cover of Delaware Business Times (2018)
Bad Times
  • Facing early production issues (2005)
  • 2008 financial crisis affecting sales (2008-2009)
  • Temporary factory shutdown due to equipment malfunction (2012)
  • Chemical additive controversy (2015)
David Frecka relationships
David Frecka Net Worth (Updated 2024) 3

Real Estate

David Frecka owns several high-value real estate properties besides his primary residence. Some of his notable real estate holdings include:

  • A $5 million oceanfront mansion in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, spanning 10,000 sqft.
  • A luxury penthouse apartment in downtown Wilmington worth $2 million.
  • Several rental properties in Delaware, New Jersey, and Florida generate over $500,000 annually in rental income.
  • 2000A 0 sqft industrial warehouse in Newark used by NEXT GENERATION FILMS.COM.

Car Collection

Being a car enthusiast, David Frecka owns various high-performance and collectable vehicles. His prized garage includes:

  • 1968 Chevrolet Camaro SS – Estimated value $80,000
  • 2012 Tesla Model S – Original cost $100,000
  • 1974 Porsche 911 Carrera – Value $150,000
  • 2018 McLaren 570S – MSRP $200,000
  • 2023 Ferrari Roma – Starts at $250,000


David Frecka is an inspiring entrepreneur who started with a humble idea and grew it into a multi-million dollar and industry-lea dinginess. Through perseverance, leadership, and smart investments in business and personal assets, he has accumulated a net worth of $6 million. Frecka continues striving to take NEXT GENERATION FILMS.COM to greater heights by expanding into new markets globally. His success story is an inspiration for many small business owners and professionals.


Is David Frecka married?

No, according to available information, David Frecka has never been married.

What is David Frecka’s educational background?

David Frecka earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Delaware.

How many employees work for NEXT GENERATION FILMS.COM?

NEXT GENERATION FILMS.COM employs over 200 people across its New Jersey and Florida facilities.

What industries do they serve?

The company supplies packaging films to food, medical, electronics, automotive, and other manufacturing industries.

How did the chemical controversy impact the business?

Though the claims were unfounded, they created temporary doubt among some customers. The company quickly resolved it by changing suppliers and regaining trust in the market.

What is David Frecka’s management and leadership style?

Frecka is known to be a hands-on and innovation-driven leader. He motivates employees by throbbing the company vision leading by example with a strong work ethic.



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