Don Zietlow Net Worth (Updated 2024)

Updated: May 24, 2024


Don Zietlow runs a store called Kwik Star. It has shops in many states. Years ago, Zietlow worked at a Kwik Star as a clerk. Now, he is the boss. Learn how he became successful and how much is Don Zietlow net worth.

Who is Don Zietlow?

Don Zietlow is a 67-year-old business leader from Iowa. He is the head of Kwik Star. It has stores selling food, drinks, and gas.

Don Zietlow worth
Don Zietlow Net Worth (Updated 2024) 1

How Much is Don Zietlow Net Worth?

Don Zietlow net worth is estimated to be $5 to $10 million. He owns all of Kwik Star. The shops bring in lots of money each year. This is how Zietlow became rich.

Net Worth Growth

YearEstimated net Worth
2010$5 million
2013$6.0 million
2015$6.5 million
2020$7 million
2021$7 million
2023$8 million
2024$5 to $10 million

Where Did He Make His Money?

  • Stores: Kwik Star has over 250 locations. They pay Zietlow a lot.
  • Real Estate: He owns buildings and shops operate from. These provide income, too.
  • Investments: Zietlow puts money into other companies through stocks.

Table of Salary & Investments

Salary$2 million
StoresOwns 250+Kwik Star sites
FarmsInvests in the agriculture business

Early Life

Zietlow was born in 1955 in Iowa. As a teen, he worked at Kwik Star to help his family. Zietlow liked the business and helping people. He attended college to learn more.

Table of Biography

Don ZietlowDetails
NameDon Zietlow


  • In 1980, Zietlow bought his first Kwik Star store with a loan.
  • He worked hard and added new services like sandwiches. Business grew fast.
  • By 1990, Zietlow had 20 shops. Today, there are over 250 stores.
  • He still runs the company every day and ensures quality customer care.


When not at work, Zietlow enjoys golfing. He also goes fishing with his sons. Zietlow loves staying active by exercising daily, too. On weekends, he relaxes at home with coffee and reading books.

Don Zietlow  finance
Don Zietlow Net Worth (Updated 2024) 2


Zietlow has been married to his wife Jane for 40 years. They have three sons together. His family supports him in all work and activities. Zietlow often spends holidays traveling with loved ones.

Real Estate

  • Zietlow’s home is a large lake cabin in Iowa worth $3 million
  • He owns commercial real estate buildings that Kwik Star shops lease

Facts and Figures

  • Kwik Star has 250+ locations in 3 Midwestern states
  • Over 10,000 employees work for the company
  • Annual revenue is estimated at $2.5 billion

Good vs Bad Times

Good Times
  • Bought first store in 1980
  • Became CEO in the 1990s during the expansion period
Bad Times
  • Faced challenges during the 2008 recession
  • Supply chain issues during COVID-19 pandemic

Awards and Achievements

  • Iowa Business Leader of the Year (2005, 2015)
  • EY Entrepreneur of the Year Midwest (2010)
  • Convenience Store Decisions Hall of Fame (2020)

Car Collection

  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Lincoln Navigator
  • Ford F-250 pickup truck
  • Polaris Slingshot 3-wheeler


Starting as a young worker, Don Zietlow’s dedication grew Kwik Star into an immense success. He gives back through supporting community groups. Zietlow proves what caring for customers can achieve even from humble roots.


What is Don Zietlow’s background and education level?

Don Zietlow comes from Iowa. When young, he went to local schools. Zietlow also took business classes at a college after high school. He learned more about running shops there.

Where is Kwik Star headquartered?

Kwik Star is based in La Vista, Nebraska. This is where the main office is located to manage all the stores.

How many employees work for Kwik Star?

More than 10,000 people work at Kwik Star shops. They help customers every day in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

What products does Kwik Star sell in stores?

Kwik Star shops sell food, drinks, and gas for cars. They also have snacks lottery tickets, and deliver meals made fresh daily like sandwiches.

What is Don Zietlow’s management and leadership style?

Don Zietlow leads by example with hard work. He treats workers and customers with care. Zietlow ensures quality food and clean stores. Workers say he guides well and cares for people in the community.



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