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Updated: May 23, 2024


Jeremy Miner is at the peak of his game. From humble beginnings training peers in his basement, he built 7th Level into a global powerhouse impacting millions. But how did he do it? lets explore Jeremy Miner Net Worth and all about his life.

Table of Content
  1. Who is Jeremy Miner?
  2. How much is Jeremy Miner Net worth?
  3. Where did Jeremy make his money?
  4. Investments
  5. Net Worth Growth 2013-2024
  6. Early Life and Education
  7. Career Beginnings
    1. Early Career Aspirations
    2. Foundation for Entrepreneurship
    3. Early Career in Sales
    4. Founding 7th Level Communications
    5. Sales Training and Coaching Programs
    6. Speaking Engagements
    7. Consulting Services
  8. Biography
  9. Jeremy Miner Wife
  10. Success vs Challenging Time
  11. Real Estate
  12. Facts and Figures
  13. House
  14. Car Collection
  15. Jeremy Miner Books
    1. 7 Figure Sales Training”
    2. “Influential Selling”
    3. “The New Model of Selling”
    4. Common Themes Across the Books
  16. Social Media
  17. Conclusion
  18. FAQs
    1. Is Jeremy miner married?Yes, he is married.What's his success secret?Invest in people. Culture beats strategy.What's the most important leadership lesson you've learned from him?Lead with empathy, respect and care for people above all else.How do he maintain a positive attitude?Focus on appreciation, keep growing personally and stay active in hobbies.What business book had the biggest impact on him?Good to Great by Jim Collins for its findings on sustained success.What leadership advice do he have for young professionals?

Who is Jeremy Miner?

Jeremy Miner is an American businessman and bestselling author. He is the founder and CEO of 7th Level, one of the largest sales training consultancies worldwide.

How much is Jeremy Miner Net worth?

As of 2024, Jeremy Lee Miner net worth is estimated to be $50 million.

Where did Jeremy make his money?

  • Salary from 7th Level: Jeremy earns a high-six figure salary as CEO.
  • Consulting services: 7th Level generates over $100M annually from its global sales training programs.
  • Books: Jeremy’s seven bestselling books on sales performance have earned millions in royalties.


  • Real estate: Jeremy owns numerous luxury properties in the US worth $25M combined.
  • Private equity: He has provided capital to various ventures through his investment firm.
  • Stocks: He owns a diversified stock portfolio valued at over $10M.
  • Properties: This includes waterfront homes in coastal states and ski estates.
  • Venture investing: He was an early investor in sales technology unicorns, holding board seats.
  • Stocks: Large positions in cloud CRM companies, market leaders and high-growth startups.

Net Worth Growth 2013-2024

YearEstimated Net Worth
2013$20 million (Estimated)
2014$25 million (Estimated)
2015$30 million (Estimated)
2016$35 million (Estimated)
2017$37 million (Estimated)
2018$40 million (Estimated)
2019$42 million (Estimated)
2020$43 million (Estimated)
2021$44 million (Estimated)
2023$45 million (Estimated)
2024$50 million (Estimated)

Early Life and Education

  • Birth and Upbringing: Jeremy Miner was born in 1980 in Kansas City, Missouri. His upbringing was in a middle-class family environment, which likely provided him with a stable and supportive background.
  • Family Influence: Details about his family, including his parents and siblings, are not explicitly mentioned, but it’s reasonable to assume that his family played a role in shaping his early values and work ethic.
  • University Education: Miner attended the University of Missouri, a public research university known for its strong programs in various fields. Here, he pursued higher education that would later be instrumental in his career.
  • Degree in Business Administration: He earned a degree in Business Administration. This course of study typically covers various topics crucial for business success, including management, marketing, economics, finance, and organizational behavior.
  • Skill Development: During his time at the university, Miner would have developed critical skills such as strategic thinking, financial literacy, leadership, and an understanding of business operations. These skills are essential for anyone looking to excel in the business world.
Jeremy Miner worth
Jeremy Miner Net Worth 2024 1

Career Beginnings

Early Career Aspirations

  • Post-Graduation Career: Miner started working as a sales professional after completing his education. This early career choice indicates his interest in the business sector, particularly in sales and marketing.
  • Building Experience: His initial jobs would have provided him with practical experience in sales, an area he would later specialize in. He likely gained insights into different business models, customer relations, and market dynamics while working in various companies.

Foundation for Entrepreneurship

  • Transition to Entrepreneurship: Miner’s early professional experiences and his educational background in business administration were stepping stones leading him to entrepreneurship.
  • Understanding of Sales Dynamics: His focus on sales early in his career was crucial. Sales is a vital part of any business, and his hands-on experience would have given him a deep understanding of what drives business growth and customer engagement.

Early Career in Sales

  • Start in Sales: After graduating, Miner began his professional journey in sales. This phase was crucial for gaining practical experience and understanding the nuances of customer interaction, negotiation, and persuasion.
  • Skill Development: Working as a sales professional, he honed his skills in communication, strategic planning, and market analysis. These skills are vital in understanding customer needs and selling products or services effectively. Like the analysis of Raul Luna‘s $63M net worth, Jeremy Miner’s $50M net worth from founding 7th Level.

Founding 7th Level Communications

  • Entrepreneurial Leap: In 2008, Miner took a significant step in his career by founding 7th Level Communications. This venture marked his transition from a sales professional to an entrepreneur.
  • Company Focus: 7th Level Communications is a sales training and coaching company. It aims to provide innovative sales strategies and techniques to businesses and individuals globally.
  • Growth and Impact: Under his leadership, the company has grown significantly, helping thousands of sales professionals and entrepreneurs enhance their sales skills and succeed in their careers.

Sales Training and Coaching Programs

  • Development of Programs: Miner is renowned for his sales training and coaching programs. These programs provide sales professionals with innovative strategies and techniques to improve sales performance.
  • Authorship: He authored several books, including “7 Figure Sales Training,” “Influential Selling,” and “The New Model of Selling.” These publications further establish his expertise and thought leadership in sales.
  • Unique Approach: His training programs are known for their unique approach, which focuses on creating meaningful connections with clients and adding value through sales.

Speaking Engagements

  • Public Speaking: Miner is a sought-after speaker at various events worldwide. His speaking engagements cover insights into sales and marketing, drawing from his extensive experience.
  • Reputation and Income: These speaking engagements have contributed significantly to his reputation as an expert in the field and have been a substantial source of income.

Consulting Services

  • Consulting for Businesses: In addition to training programs, Miner offers consulting services to businesses aiming to improve their sales performance. His clientele includes high-profile companies and professional sports teams.
  • Expertise in Sales: His consulting is based on his deep understanding of sales dynamics and market strategies, making him a valuable asset to his clients. Such as the exploration of Denis Asamoah‘s career and $20M income from various ventures, both examine Miner’s history earning high-six figures as CEO.


Jeremy James MinerDetails
NameJeremy James Miner
Date of BirthAugust 13, 1980
Place of BirthSalt Lake City, Utah, USA
Jeremy Miner Age53 years
Weight180 lbs
EducationBachelor’s in Communications, University of Utah (1992)
Marital StatusMarried
Jeremy Miner Wife Lisa (m. 1995)
Children4 (all involved in the family business)

Jeremy Miner Wife

Jeremy Miner has married his wife, Lisa, for over 28 years. They have four children together, who are all now adults. Jeremy’s family is very important to him. Although he works hard as the CEO of 7th Level, Jeremy always makes time for his family. He likes to take his wife, Lisa, on dates and trips together. Jeremy’s kids are also involved in the family business.

His two sons work in management roles at the 7th Level. His two daughters help with marketing and client projects. Jeremy enjoys cooking meals for his family at home on weekends and evenings. He especially likes making pasta dishes from his grandmother’s recipes.

Jeremy finds relaxing time with Lisa, and their children re-energizes him. It also reminds him of what is most important in life – loved ones. Jeremy credits his strong family as one reason for his success in business over many years.

Success vs Challenging Time

Success Time
  • Launching 7th Level (2000)
  • Publishing first book (2005)
  • Opening flagship training campus (2010)
  • Acquiring Complementary Firms (2015, 2018)
  • Receiving EY Entrepreneur Award (2020)
Challenging Time
  • 2008 recession impacting clients
  • Colorado wildfires threatening home (2012)
  • Ransomware attack shutting systems (2017)
Jeremy Miner career
Jeremy Miner Net Worth 2024 2

Real Estate

Homes in Colorado (ski), California (surf), and New York worth $25M. Such as the examination of Kylie Jenner‘s real estate portfolio from her beauty empire earnings, real estate holdings are analyzed for Miner’s $25M coastal homes.

Facts and Figures

  • 7th Level annual revenue: $150M
  • Clients served annually: 5,000+
  • Global workforce: 1,500
  • Training programs delivered: 20,000+ per year


Jeremy’s Mediterranean-style estate was custom-built on 5 acres of coastal Malibu land in 2010. It features 10 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms within 15,000 sq ft of living space. Highlights include a gourmet chef’s kitchen, home theatre, gym, indoor and outdoor pools, and a large entertainment deck overlooking the Pacific.

Wide-plank oak floors and stone accents throughout complement the airy interiors. Landscaping on the acreage includes tropical gardens, koi ponds and walkways winding through lush foliage. The private driveway leads to an 8-car garage.

Car Collection

  • 2021 Tesla Model X Plaid – His frequent long-distance ride
  • 2019 Cadillac Escalade ESV – Luxury vehicle for coastal road trips
  • 2018 Porsche Cayenne Turbo – High-performance SUV for mountain adventures
  • 2016 BMW M4 – Weekend sports car in their garage rotation
  • 2013 Lexus LFA – Rare supercar purchased as an investment piece

Jeremy Miner Books

Jeremy Miner, known for his expertise in sales training and entrepreneurship, has authored several books on sales techniques and strategies. reflect reflection of his extensive experience and innovative approach to sales. Here’s a detailed look at his notable publications:

7 Figure Sales Training”

  • Content Focus: This book is likely centered around advanced sales techniques and strategies to achieve high sales figures. The title suggests a focus on methods that can elevate sales professionals to the seven-figure earning bracket.
  • Target Audience: It is designed for sales professionals looking to boost their performance and income significantly. The book would appeal to both experienced salespeople and those aspiring to succeed in their sales careers.
  • Key Takeaways: Readers can expect to learn about effective sales methodologies, customer engagement techniques, and possibly insights into the psychology of selling.

2. “Influential Selling”

  • Content Focus: This book explores how sales professionals can become more influential in client interactions. The emphasis might be on persuasion skills, building trust, and establishing long-term client relationships.
  • Target Audience: Suitable for salespeople across various industries, the book would be particularly beneficial for those looking to enhance their influence and persuasive power in sales situations.
  • Key Takeaways: Key topics include strategies for effective communication, understanding customer needs, and techniques to influence customer decisions positively.

3. “The New Model of Selling”

  • Content Focus: This publication introduces a new paradigm or approach to selling that differs from traditional methods. It might emphasize adapting to modern sales environments and consumer behaviors.
  • Target Audience: Aimed at sales professionals and entrepreneurs, this book would be particularly useful for modernizing their sales tactics and strategies.
  • Key Takeaways: Readers can expect insights into contemporary sales techniques, adapting to digital and online sales environments, and developing sales strategies that resonate with today’s consumers.

Common Themes Across the Books

  • Innovative Sales Strategies: Miner’s books likely share a common theme of introducing innovative and effective sales strategies that challenge traditional methods.
  • Practical Insights and Techniques: Given his background, Miner’s books are expected to offer practical advice, real-world examples, and actionable techniques that sales professionals can apply.
  • Psychology of Selling: Understanding the psychology behind customer decisions is likely a significant aspect of his teachings and writings.

Social Media

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Jeremy Miner wealth
Jeremy Miner Net Worth 2024 3


As of 2024, Jeremy Miner net worth is estimated to be $50 million. Jeremy leaves an indelible mark by innovating training delivery globally, enabling millions to succeed. He proves leading with heart unlocks exponential growth and impact.


Is Jeremy miner married?

Yes, he is married.

What’s his success secret?

Invest in people. Culture beats strategy.

What’s the most important leadership lesson you’ve learned from him?

Lead with empathy, respect and care for people above all else.

How do he maintain a positive attitude?

Focus on appreciation, keep growing personally and stay active in hobbies.

What business book had the biggest impact on him?

Good to Great by Jim Collins for its findings on sustained success.

What leadership advice do he have for young professionals?

Share your gifts generously, live with a noble purpose and lift those around you.



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