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Updated: December 1, 2023


Ken Nugent wealth
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Ken Nugent is an accident lawyer from Georgia. He started a law firm long ago called Kenneth S. Nugent P.C. Now it is big with offices in many cities. Ken helps people who get hurt in accidents like car crashes. He wants everyone to get good help no matter who they are. Let’s explore Ken Nugent net worth and all about his life.

How Much Ken Nugent Net Worth?

Ken Nugent net worth is estimated to be $10 to $18 million.

Net Worth Growth Over The Last Ten Years

YearEstimated Net Worth
2000$1 million (Estimated)
2010$2 million (Estimated)
2015$5 million (Estimated)
2020$7 million (Estimated)
2023$10 million (Estimated)
2024$10 to $18 million. (Estimated)

Early Life

Ken Nugent was born on May 21, 1959, in the state of Georgia, USA. Growing up, Ken lived with his mother, Marguerite Nugent, and his two brothers. His father was a dedicated family man who served in two wars, showing great commitment to his country and family. This environment shaped Ken’s early values and work ethic.

For his education, Ken first attended the State University of New York, Albany, where he completed his undergraduate degree in 1977. This period was crucial for laying the foundation of his future career. After finishing his undergraduate studies, Ken decided to pursue law, which led him to Emory University School of Law in Atlanta. From 1970 to 1980, he dedicated himself to legal studies at Emory, a time during which he was known for being a hardworking and diligent student. His efforts paid off when he passed the bar exam, allowing him to join the State Bar of Georgia and officially begin his career as an attorney.

Ken’s early life and education were marked by a strong family influence, dedication, and a clear focus on his goal to become a lawyer. These experiences not only prepared him for his professional journey but also instilled in him the values he would carry into his successful career in law.


Full NameKenneth S. Nugent
Date of BirthMay 21, 1959
BirthplaceGeorgia, USA
ProfessionAttorney (Lawyer)
SpecializationAccident and Personal Injury Law
Education Undergraduate degree from State University of New York, Albany (1977)
Emory University School of Law in Atlanta (1970-1980)
Career StartOctober 1989
Law FirmKenneth S. Nugent, P.C.
Net Worth (2024)Approximately $10 million to $18 million
Marital StatusMarried for over 30 years
Notable WorkFounder of one of the largest law firms in the Southeast, specializing in representing victims of injuries
Charitable WorkOffers scholarships to students, involved in various community services
Social Media PresenceActive on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube
Motto“One Call, That’s All”


Ken Nugent began his career as a lawyer in 1989, focusing on helping people who were injured in accidents. He wanted to make a law firm that really cared for these people, so he used his creative ideas to start Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. This law firm became very big in the Southeast part of the United States. It’s special because it only deals with cases where people are hurt, like in car accidents or at work.

Ken opened his first office in Atlanta and set up some important rules for his firm. These rules were about making it easy for clients to reach them, being passionate about helping, being available, and giving back to the community. Because of these good values, his firm is known for being very reliable and good at what they do.

Over time, Ken expanded his firm by opening more offices in different cities in Georgia, including Augusta, Columbus, Macon, Albany, and Savannah. His firm handles many types of cases, like personal injury, wrongful death, workers’ compensation, and medical malpractice.

Ken Nugent is famous for his motto, “One Call, That’s All,” which became very popular. He even inspired a TV show made by the company Fox. Ken has also been in many commercials, using unique ways to tell people about his firm. In 2017, he started a project called Nugent’s Flame Throwers.

Throughout his career, Ken has worked on many important cases and has helped a lot of people. He is also known for giving back to the community, including offering scholarships to students. This shows that Ken is not just about his career; he also cares about helping others.

Ken Nugent career
Ken Nugent Net Worth (Updated 2024) 2

Wife And Family

Ken Nugent has been married for over 30 years, showing he values long-term commitments. However, he prefers to keep details about his wife and their personal life private, so not much is known about her publicly. Together, they have five children, which indicates a large and possibly close-knit family. Ken’s decision to keep his family life away from the public eye suggests he values privacy and wants to protect his loved ones from the spotlight. Despite his significant presence in the legal world and on social media, Ken chooses not to share much about his family, respecting their privacy and keeping their lives separate from his professional achievements and public persona.

Car Collection

  • Red BMW
  • Big black pickup truck
  • Shiny silver Mercedes

Awards and Achievements

  • Won “Best Lawyer” 5 times
  • Gives money to help kids every year
  • People vote him as their favorite on the radio

Success VS Challenging Times

Success Time
  • Worked hard in school, which was good
  • Graduated law school was a good time
  • When kids were born, that was happy
  • The family all help run the business, which is good
  • Helps sick kids, which makes him feel proud
Challenging Time
  • Lost a big case before, which was bad
  • The office caught fire once; that was scary
  • Argued with someone once, which was bad
  • Lost power during a storm, that was annoying
Ken Nugent challenging time
Ken Nugent Net Worth (Updated 2024) 3

Ken Nugent’s House

Ken lives in a big white house. It has many rooms for his family. The backyard is huge with a pool. A tall fence goes around the whole property. Trees give shade on the front lawn. Inside there is nice furniture and a big television. Ken’s house is nice to relax after helping clients all day.

Ken Nugent Social Media Accounts

InstagramClick Here
FacebookClick Here
LinkedInClick Here
TwitterClick Here


Ken worked hard to become a lawyer. He wants to help people who are hurt. Ken makes commercials to let everyone know about his office. His family runs the business with him now. Ken enjoys his job and family. He also likes to give to children to make their lives better. Ken will keep practicing law to get justice for clients. He is happy he can help the community where he grew up in Georgia.


How many kids?

He has 5 kids.

Where did he grow up?

He grow up in Georgia.

Is he still practicing law?

Yes, every day to help others

What charities does he support?

Schools and sick children.



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