Linda Tripp Net Worth (Updated 2024)

Updated: November 29, 2023


Who is Linda Tripp?

Linda Tripp was a woman from the United States. She worked for the government in Washington, DC. Linda Tripp net worth is estimated $10 to 15 million (at Death Time). Let’s explore all about her life thoroughly.

Where did she get her money? 

Tripp worked in the White House and at the Pentagon for many years. She had a good job there that paid her a salary. She was paid well to be an advisor.

Linda Tripp wealth
Linda Tripp Net Worth (Updated 2024) 1

Her salary

Tripp made over $50,000 each year from her work. She had government jobs that provided income. Some people also invest extra money or start small businesses. But Tripp’s money is private.

In 1998, Tripp shared an important secret about President Clinton. This made her very famous. She received money later from a court case after losing work.

When Tripp passed away, it is believed she had over $1 million in total. Most of her wealth came from her long time working for the government. But exactly how she saved or used her money is private knowledge.

Linda Tripp Net Worth Growth Over the Years

YearEstimated Net Worth
1998$500,000 (Estimated)
2001$700,000 (Estimated)
2010$850,000 (Estimated)
2015 $1 million (Estimated)
2020$1.2 million (Estimated)

Early Life

Linda Tripp was born in 1949 in New Jersey. She came from a middle-class family. Both her parents worked, and her father was a teacher. Her parents split up when she was young. This divorce was hard for Linda. She wanted to work on airplanes but went to secretarial school instead.

Linda married her first love, Bruce, in 1971. They had two kids named Allison and Ryan together. But Linda and Bruce separated in 1990, ending their marriage. Growing up, Linda saw her parents separate early on. This made her believe that married people should stay together. The family was important to her, though hers did not last.

Linda Tripp career
Linda Tripp Net Worth (Updated 2024) 2


After school, Linda worked for the US Army. She was a secretary for them in Maryland in 1987. After her split from Bruce, Linda got work in Washington, DC, in 1990. From there, her jobs linked her more to national politics.

Linda had roles advising President Bush and later President Clinton from 1990 to 1994. Then, from 1994-2001, she worked telling stories to the public for the Pentagon military group. All this government work gave Linda experience near power issues in America.

In 1998, a major political event involving President Clinton happened, and Linda played a key part. Her tapes provided important information. This made her very famous across the country. Later, in 2001, Linda lost her Pentagon job due to the fame and anger from others. Linda stayed employed for over 25 years in the capital, working in different places connected to America.


Linda grew up with her mom and dad in New Jersey. But her parents split when she was young. This was hard for Linda as a child. She wanted her family to stay together.

In 1971, Linda married her first love, Bruce. They had two children together: a daughter named Allison and a son named Ryan. But sadly, Linda’s marriage did not last long. She and Bruce separated in 1990, ending their marriage.


Linda’s relationship with her parents ended in divorce at a young age. This experience may have made Linda believe marriage should be permanent. She tried marriage herself, but it did not work out either.

In 1998, an important event happened involving Linda and Monica Lewinsky. Monica was much younger than Linda. Linda began like a sister to Monica since they worked together. But Monica also shared private things about her personal life with Linda.

Some people thought Linda betrayed Monica by making their talks public. Others felt Linda helped reveal important secrets people deserved to know. Linda’s actions with Monica in 1998 made her very famous and divided opinions of her.

Both Linda’s family life and closest relationships faced struggles. Her childhood divorce failed marriage, and her role in the Monica Lewinsky situation was a complex part of Linda Tripp’s personal story.

Linda Tripp Biography

Linda TrippDetails
NameLinda Rose Carotenuto Tripp
BornNovember 24, 1949 in Jersey City, New Jersey
DiedApril 8, 2020 (aged 70)
ProfessionCivil servant, Pentagon employee
Known ForRole in Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal
Net Worth$1.2 million (at Death Time)

Key Events About Her Life

1971 – Married Bruce Tripp
1987-1990 – Worked as a secretary in US Army Intelligence
1990-1994 – White House adviser under Bush and Clinton
1994-2001 – Pentagon public affairs employee
1998 – Provided tapes exposing the Clinton scandal
2001 – Lost Pentagon job after scandal controversy
2014 – A published memoir about scandal experience

Linda Tripp achievements
Linda Tripp Net Worth (Updated 2024) 3

Success VS Challenging Times

Success Time
  • When she married Bruce Tripp in 1971
  • Birth of her children, Allison and Ryan
  • Career promotion working in the White House 1990-1994
  • Financial stability from government jobs and pensions
Challenging Time
  • Her parents’ divorce during her childhood
  • Separation and divorce from Bruce Tripp in 1990
  • Being embroiled in the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal in 1998
  • Losing her Pentagon job in 2001 after the scandal
  • Public controversy and criticism over her role in exposing the scandal

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Linda Tripp lived a controversial life defined largely by her role in exposing the Clinton scandal. Her motivations remain debated, but she had a long government career impacted by that single major event.


What was Linda Tripp’s role in the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal?

She secretly recorded conversations with Monica Lewinsky about Lewinsky’s relationship with President Clinton and provided those tapes to special prosecutor Ken Starr. This led to Clinton’s impeachment.

What were her motivations?

Tripp said she did it because she believed Clinton had committed perjury in the Paula Jones case and wanted that exposed. Critics said she did it for fame and attention.

What jobs did Linda Tripp have?

She worked as a secretary for the US Army and later had roles advising the White House under Bush and Clinton before working in public affairs for the Pentagon.

When and how did she die?

Linda Tripp passed away on April 8, 2020, at 70. The exact cause of death was not publicly disclosed.

Was she married? Did she have children?

Yes, she married Bruce Tripp from 1971 to 1990. They had two children together – a daughter named Allison and a son named Ryan.

What was her political affiliation or views?

By most reports, Linda Tripp considered herself a political independent. She supported some conservative causes later in life.



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