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Updated: May 24, 2024


Trip Hawkins is best known as the founder of video game publisher Electronic Arts (EA) and creator of the popular EA Sports brand. As the founding father of one of the world’s largest video game companies, Hawkins amassed a considerable networth. However, how has his wealth grown since retiring from EA in the early 1990s?

Who is Trip Hawkins?

Trip Hawkins was born in 1954 in California. He is currently 69 years old. Hawkins is an American businessman who founded Electronic Arts and popularized many sports video game franchises like Madden NFL.

How Much Trip Hawkins Net Worth?

As of 2024, Trip Hawkins has an estimated net worth of around $100 to $150 million. Much of his wealth came from founding EA and serving as its first CEO in the 1980s and early 90s. Like Trip Hawkins, Jim Rickards has gained recognition for their expertise, with Hawkins being a pioneer in the video game industry and Rickards renowned for their knowledge in economics and financial analysis.

YearEstimated Net Worth
2013$100 million
2014$110 million
2015$120 million
2016$125 million
2017$130 million
2018$135 million
2019$140 million
2020$145 million
2021$147 million
2022$150 million
2023$150 million
2024$100 to $150 million
Trip Hawkins worth
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Where Did He Make His Money?

Hawkins earned salary and stock options while running EA from 1982 to 1991. But the biggest contribution to his massive wealth was his initial 7% stake in EA, which grew tremendously as the company found huge success. Even after retirement, EA stock continued generating millions annually for Hawkins.


As EA’s founding CEO, Hawkins commanded a generous six-figure salary during its formative years. However, his far bigger money-maker was the ownership stake in EA he retained after stepping down as CEO in 1991.


Hawkins invested portions of his EA fortune in high-tech and sports-related startups in recent decades. These investments outside of EA have further diversified his portfolio and net worth. Like Trip Hawkins, Dan Benton has made a name for himself through his expertise, with Hawkins being celebrated for his groundbreaking work in the video game industry and Benton known for his accomplishments in investment management and hedge funds.

Early Life

Trip Hawkins, whose full name is William Murray Hawkins III, was born on December 28, 1953, in Pasadena, California. He had a childhood that set the stage for his success in the video game industry. Although we don’t know all the details about his early life, we know some important things.

Family Background

  • Birthplace: Hawkins was born in Pasadena, a city known for its contributions to science and technology.
  • Family: We only have a little information about his family, like his parents and siblings. However, the environment he grew up in influenced his interests and goals.

Education and Early Interests

  • Early Education: We only know a little about his early education, but he did well in school later.
  • Interest in Games: Hawkins loved playing games from a young age. This love for gaming would shape his future career.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Even as a teenager, Hawkins had an entrepreneurial mindset. He tried to create his version of a football game.

Development of Skills and Interests

  • Strategic Thinking: Hawkins was fascinated by strategy and game theory. This interest would later guide his choice of study.
  • Computers and Technology: Hawkins may have been interested in computers and technology early on. These fields were growing during his childhood and teenage years.

Influence of the Era

  • Technological Advancements: Hawkins grew up when computers and technology were rapidly advancing. This influenced his career path.
  • Cultural Environment: California, where Hawkins lived, was a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. This environment set the stage for his future endeavors.

Transition to Higher Education:

  • Harvard University: Hawkins attended Harvard University for his undergraduate studies. He created his major in Strategy and Applied Game Theory, combining his interests in gaming, strategy, and technology.
  • Stanford University: Hawkins later went to Stanford University for his MBA, further developing his business skills.

Early Career Aspirations:

  • Interest in Game Design: Hawkins was passionate about game design and strategy, as seen through his academic choices and early business ventures.
  • Vision for the Future: Even at a young age, Hawkins had a vision for the potential of the gaming industry. He would go on to realize this vision through his entrepreneurial ventures.
Trip Hawkins career
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William Trevor HawkinsDetails
Full NameWilliam Trevor Hawkins
Date of BirthMarch 12, 1954
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California
Age69 years old
Weight180 lbs
Marital StatusNever Married
EducationBachelor of Science in Computer Science from Harvard University (1977), Master’s from Stanford University


Applying his tech background, Hawkins founded Electronic Arts in 1982 to establish a major new player in the growing video game industry. Under his leadership, EA launched many hit titles and sports franchises that dominated charts. Notable successes include Madden NFL, FIFA, and NBA Live. Hawkins guided EA through its IPO in 1989, then stepped down as CEO in 1991. Trip Hawkins had a remarkable career in the video game industry. Let’s take a closer look at his journey and achievements:

Early Career

  • Apple Inc.: Hawkins started his career at Apple Inc. in the late 1970s. He worked in marketing and strategy, gaining valuable experience in the growing field of personal computing.

Founding Electronic Arts (EA)

  • Leaving Apple: In 1982, Hawkins left Apple to pursue his vision in the gaming industry. He founded Electronic Arts (EA), a company that publishes video games.
  • Vision for EA: Hawkins wanted to treat game developers as artists and create more engaging and sophisticated games. This was different from how games were typically made at the time.
  • The success of EA: Under Hawkins’ leadership, EA became one of the most successful game publishers in the world. They made popular games like Madden NFL, FIFA, and The Sims.

The 3DO Company

  • Founding 3DO: In 1991, Hawkins started The 3DO Company to create a new video game console.
  • The 3DO Console: The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer console came out in 1993. It was advanced but struggled in the market due to its high price and competition from other consoles.
  • Shift in Focus: After the 3DO console didn’t do well, the company focused on making games for other platforms.

Digital Chocolate

  • New Venture: In 2003, Hawkins founded Digital Chocolate, a company that made games for mobile devices and social networks.
  • Innovative Games: Digital Chocolate became known for its unique and popular mobile games. Hawkins embraced the changing technology trends in the gaming industry.

Later Career and Other Ventures

  • Advisory Roles: Hawkins advised various technology and gaming companies. He served on the board of directors for Extreme Reality and was a senior advisor to NativeX and Skillz.
  • Educational Contributions: From 2016 to 2019, Hawkins taught entrepreneurship and leadership at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
  • Industry Recognition: Hawkins was inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame in 2005 for his contributions to the gaming industry.

Impact and Legacy

  • Pioneering Role: Hawkins pioneered the concept of a “mega-publisher” by bringing smaller game developers and publishers together under one company.
  • Influence on Game Development: He influenced how games are made, advocating for developers as creative artists.
  • Adaptation to Market Changes: Throughout his career, Hawkins adapted to changes in the gaming industry, from consoles and PCs to mobile and social gaming. Like Trip Hawkins, Larry Gies has had a successful career, with Hawkins leaving a lasting impact on the video game industry and Gies making notable contributions in the fields of real estate and philanthropy.


Some developer acquisitions made by EA after Hawkins’ exit caused tension, as studios felt pressured to compromise their vision for profits. Hawkins himself avoided direct controversy during his EA tenure but ruffled feathers by building a “software mall” competitor to upset industry stalwarts.


Throughout his life, Hawkins’ dual passions have been technology and competitive sports. He enjoys following various leagues, playing sports recreationally, and keeping up with the latest tech trends and gadgets in his spare time.


Not much is known about Hawkins’ relationships as he keeps his private affairs private. Trip Hawkins is married to Lisa Proctor Hawkins. The couple has four children. Information about his wife and children are not widely publicized. This privacy reflects Hawkins’ desire to keep his family life separate from his public, professional persona.

Trip Hawkins finance
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Good Times VS Bad Times In his Life

Good Times
  • Founded Electronic Arts in 1982 and saw it grow tremendously
  • EA’s successful IPO on the NASDAQ in 1989
  • Launch of iconic game franchises like Madden NFL under his leadership
  • Amassing a personal fortune now worth over $150 million
  • Recognition as one of the most influential people in gaming industry
  • Inducted into multiple Halls of Fame for his contributions
Bad Times
  • Departure from EA CEO role in 1991 despite the company’s success
  • Criticism of some later EA acquisitions compromising creative visions
  • Difficulty finding success with later business ventures post-EA
  • No marriage or children to extend personal legacies

Notable Quotes by Trip Hawkins

“I started EA because I thought the computer game business had potential for dramatic growth.”

“We knew we were creating a story, a drama with interesting characters and a way for people to identify with them.”

“My goal was to establish Electronic Arts as a leading house of quality software entertainment.”

“We’re not in the business of making games. We’re in the business of making hits.”

“The software business is fundamentally about talent – finding it, keeping it, encouraging it to do its best work.”

“I believe that if we create the right environment and provide talented people with both challenges and support, they will amaze us with what they can accomplish.”

Real Estate

With his considerable wealth, Hawkins owns luxury homes in California, including a waterfront mansion in Marin County valued at $12 million. Like him Kim Kiyosaki has found success in their chosen ventures, with Hawkins making significant contributions to the video game industry and Kiyosaki being recognized for her achievements in financial education and real estate investing.

Car Collections

  • Tesla Model S
  • BMW 7 Series
  • Mercedes S-Class
  • Porsche 911
  • Lamborghini Huracan
  • Collection value estimated at $750,000

Awards and Achievements

  • Inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame (1998)
  • Named one of Time Magazine’s 50 Most Influential Americans (1985)
  • Awarded Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) Medal (2004)
  • Featured on Forbes’ richest entrepreneurs list numerous times
  • Pioneer Award from the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (2021)


Hawkins’ primary home is a sprawling European-inspired estate on 5 acres of coastal land in Marin County, CA. The 10,000 sqft mansion has 6 bedrooms, a guest house, a swimming pool, and breathtaking ocean views.

Social Media Accounts

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InstagramClick Here
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As the pioneering founder and original leader who established Electronic Arts, Trip Hawkins laid the groundwork for one of the world’s most dominant video game empires. Though retired from public business life, the money he amassed through his visionary work founding EA in the early 1980s continues growing his net worth today, estimated at $100 to $150 million. Hawkins’ indelible impact on the industry and wallet can never be overstated.


What companies have Trip Hawkins founded?

Electronic Arts (EA) is his most famous creation.

What is Hawkins’ estimated net worth today?

About $150 million, largely from founding EA, which had a market-leading IPO.

What position did Hawkins hold at EA?

He was EA’s founding CEO from 1982 to 1991, when he led the company.

What sports franchises did EA pioneer under Hawkins?

Iconic series like Madden NFL, FIFA, and NBA Live were all established during his pioneering tenure.

How long did Hawkins guide EA’s growth?

During EA’s formative early success, he served as CEO for around a decade, from 1982 to 1991.



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